My India bleeds

Pulwama Terror Attack

Godhra only vitiated Gujarat. Pulwama has sent bodies all over the country.

This is what happens when you allow a selfish politician to rise to the national level. This was waiting to happen. This is the ultimate way to win an election and bury all the misdeeds of the past 58 months including tons of corruption.

It will be a miracle if this stops at whatever has already transpired.

The mobs are already on the street waiving the tricolor and asking people to shut shops and wage a war against Pakistan. But for how long can shops be kept shut? But for how long can a call for war be made into a cry? Those who seek war are going to become hugely disappointed when one does not materialize.

But nobody is asking the 56″ Modi Sarkar as to how this was allowed to happen, now that all the borders are secured by your forces that are in your control, all the communication is under your control, all the money is in your control, all the security agencies and intelligence agencies are in your control. And you have such eminent people like Ajit Doval as the National Security Advisor.

Just to jog your memory, these were the very same questions that Modi posed to PM Manmohan Singh..

When Intelligence agencies were busy gauging national mood and PM popularity.

A random SUV packed with explosives drove from the side and mingled with a CRPF convoy on the most heavily guarded highway. And rammed into a bus. Killing 44 soldiers.

And India happily accepts the collateral damage to their blind bhakti.

And bay for war, sitting in their comfy perches.

You’re filth, did you know that, morons? Do you also know that both nations are nuclear armed? And that you too will be blown sky high?

Still want war??

Nobody can waltz into a country and cause this much blatant destruction without the presence of an inside hand. Look into your own backyard first. Then point fingers.

Also, stop making this communal. The Commanding officer of the battalion was a Kashmiri Muslim.

Mourn, India. Mourn the pointless butchery of our men in uniform. Blame the disgusting politics being played by the highest offices of the land. And blame the Chief who is too busy giving press interviews and instigatory statements. Preparing for his elusive governorship.

Blame yourselves. For your uninformed unnecessary hate mongering. Your biases. Your islamophobia. Your choices.

Then mourn..

@Rishank Ratan

Graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.


Divisional Status for Ladakh: A Boon or a Curse?


In a decision, that called “hasty” by many, the government recently granted divisional status to Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir with “headquarter in Leh”; decided to review later after massive protest from Kargil. The move that departs Ladakh in administrative and revenue affairs from the Kashmir valley came only after a month when the Governor of the State Satya Pal Malik announced a cluster university in the region, in Buddhist dominated district Leh. This Leh centric decisions in the period of Modi government is perceived as “discriminative” by the Muslim dominated Kargil district.

Many thinkers and political analysts have seen this move as a political stand to garner vote bank in the region. Ladakh had embraced the BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha elections by electing their MP from the party. However, due to unfulfillment of the demands by the BJP, the former MP Thupstan Chhewang resigned recently. For the BJP, who potentially would be successful to garner majority of Assembly as well as Lok Sabha seats in Jammu region, Ladakh would prove to be a deciding factor. Thus, this hasty decision is seen as an attempt to appease Ladakhi people for election to secure two MLA seats and the MP seat. However, the discriminative approach has bringing the two communities as well as districts of Ladakh against each other, contrary to their unfathomable history of coexistence.

The recent “discriminative” move to grand both the developments to Leh has been added to the past grievances. It is a widely spread notion among people in Kargil that government have always discriminated them relatively against Leh where the headquarters of BSNL, passport office, airport, jail, etc have been established. The powerful organisation in Kargil Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust (IKMT) in a press conference observed disappointment on the decision, describing the grant of divisional status and cluster university “lollipop”. Another prominent leader from Kargil and former MLC Syed Ahmed Rizvi declared the decision “unjust” and appealed the governor to review the decision. Urging all organisations in Kargil to unite over the issue, he questioned the behaviour of the govt, saying, Is not Kargil part of India? In a video message he showed concern over spoiling peace in the region due to “unjust and discriminative” approach, that he said, “tang aa’mad ta jung aamad” (frustration leads to war).

People in Kargil are smearing with fear that they have to face consequences of having headquarter in Leh. Before 1977 when Kargil was not formed a separate district, people had to relied on Leh even for preparation of a small document. Ahmed Rizvi has concerned that they have to up-down from Leh to Kargil for even small issues if Leh is made the headquarter. Another shade over fate of Kargil is that the new headquarter in Leh (220 km) is farther than the existing one in Kashmir (205 km). That is why, IKMT suggested to decide the location for headquarter themselves at local level in a joint conversation with leaders from Leh. Some leaders including the former MLA Asgar Karbalai had suggested a rotational headquarter: Leh for winter, as Leh have connectivity in winter and Kargil for summer due to its proximity with Kashmir as well as Zanskar. Now, the disputed decision has perceived as a betrayal by the Modi government.

The demand for Central University was a joint effort of student associations of both the districts. But from the day first there was a murmuring speculation from Kargil side over the location to establish the university. It was also because of the past experiences of “discrimination” by the government. Nonetheless, the demand for Divisional Status was initiated by the Kargil district that had later supported by the LAHDC Leh in December last year.

The divisional status is also seen as a “step forward” to the largest demand of Union Territory (UT) status by the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council Leh in its press release. The discomfort would further intense in case of granting UT status which is strongly opposed by almost all major groups in Kargil.

The communal discord fuelling by the discriminative approach could be sensed from the confrontational argument between the leaders of the two districts. Recently, exchange of harsh words took place between social and religious leaders of both the communities. The Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) from Leh had labelled the religious organisations in Kargil “political” instead of religious. It had retaliated with striking response from the later.

Potentially a co-incidence, this discriminative move was accompanied with soaring Kargil led demand for opening of Kargil-Skardo road. Apart from economic and cultural benefits attached to the road, this demand could be seen as a rise of ethnic-identity against state-nationalism. A public speaker in Delhi had once said that Balti people in both side of the border (India and Pakistan) are loyal to the state. In the whole state of J&K also the people of Kargil are seen as patriotic and loyal to state who had assisted the Indian army to cross the Zoji Pass in 1971 war with Pakistan. However, the alienation of Muslim majority Kargil has also eroding their loyalty for state.

Hasty decisions for political interest would yield grave concern for peace. The discriminative approach has been fuelling communal discord and eroding the communal harmony in the region. It also pushes the people at the border to stand against the state.


By: Anwar Ali Tsarpa

Research Scholar at Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Uneven phenomenon in Kargil: Who is responsible?

kargil 4

Its always suggested to keep dangerous things like knife, matches box, poison, etc away from children. Because they don’t know the correct use of that; as a result, could cause damage or loss. Similarly, some things are instructed to keep away from adults as well, if they are not aware of its correct use. One among those things need to take concern in case of both adults and children is smart phones. In Kargil it seems that many of the adults are not aware of mobile’s correct use; as a result, we are facing one incident per week on an average.

Recently we saw some one filmed a guy alleging him of stealing things in Kargil house at Jammu. Similarly, we had a heated unnecessary debate over wearing pants by girls. In the past few years also, some novice activists alleged gross negligence, nepotism and favouritisms in recruitments. Over them we had crossed all lines in shaming and blaming each other on social media platforms. We did not even refrain from sharing sex video on WhatsApp.

We have twin problem of “sharing” and “blaming”.

kargil 3

I would ask, is our sharing and heated debate on social media the solution? We have shared so many videos and assassinated many characters. Now they are not able to enjoy a dignified life freely in the society. We have leaved them to die every day in their own eyes and of others. Have not you heart the tradition that “Honor of a believer is greater than that of Holy Kabba”. Because of wrong use of smart phones we have received such a huge loss and damage. In blaming game we alleged gross negligence in General line teachers, recruitment of VLW seats; vigilance over 80 officials etc etc.

kargil 1

The question arises here is “Who is responsible? When it comes to responsibility people accuse each other like fight among a mother and daughter-in-law. Some accuse government servicemen, some political leaders and some pointed towards two religious organisations of the district. Truth is that all are naked in this bathroom; but still accusing each other naked. We curse the thief on social media but don’t bother to understand what structural conditions forced him to adopt this business. We curse those taking bribe but neglect those who give. We lamented the one who created the porn video but ignored those who circulated the video and spoiled the belief of hundreds. We hate those who loot or illegally confiscate other’s right but leave those who give respect and status to those wicked people.

In this blaming game speakers are breaking podiums, writers are breaking the pen. Among them some have developed an innovative way of livelihood. File RTI under the Right to Information Act, threaten people, make pressure and loot what they have as booty. I leave this on the people to decide whether this is corruption or something else?

Only blaming game would not lead us to the solution. We have to put our thinking caps to know that why the community which had zero First Investigation Report (FIR) in police station throughout the year has been reporting such cases of moral harassment, sexual cases, corruption and other similar problems. I remember the famous saying of Imam Ali (a.s.) which says that “Who’s desires are prolonged his deeds will be bad.” Our problems of corruption and stealing could have various causes but, in my opinion, this is also a fundamental cause. The community who loved simple life style, patience and used to spent life in love, affection and dignity despite of numerous harsh geographical and climate challenges has now a long list of desires. All of us need a government job, a huge bungalow, luxurious vehicle, tour to Jammu city in winter, education for children in a metro city, expensive clothing, exclusive mobile phone etc etc. If this prolonged list fulfils with straight path, its fine otherwise people search for alternatives.

Everyone, especially those extending shoulders to fight against the problems in the society must understand that, the blaming and accusing game leads to Takfiriat. Those who were accusing both Muawiya and Ali a.s. gave birth to the Khawarij who leads to extremism. Similarly, those who were accusing the failures of Ottoman Empire gave birth to Wahhabism. Thus, proves that blaming game of the statuesque without an alternative plan leads to takfirism.

At the end, I would say that even in the reign of infallible Imam’s if people’s desires are prolonged, they leave Imam and attend the palace of Ameer e Sham to gain gold and silver coins.

By: Anwar Ali Tsarpa

اپولدنما اور شوکپہ – تحریر انور علی ژھر پا


یوں تو کرگل کے ہر گاﺅں کی اپنی ایک منفرد کہانی ہے۔ کچھ حقائق پر مبنی اور کچھ جزبات کی دین ہے۔ لیکن سچائی سے بڑی حد تک ہم آہنگ ضرور ہے ۔ امتداد زمانہ کے ساتھ اگر چہ تاریخی حقائق متاثر ہوئی ہے تاہم اصلیت کسی نہ کسی شکل اب بھی باقی اور موجود ہے۔اور شعوری اورلاشعوری طور لوگوں کو اپنی طرف جلب کررہی ہے ۔ ایسی ہی ایک کہانی شُک چیک نامی گاﺅں کی ہے جو کرگل خاص سے تقریبا15 کلومیٹر کی دوری پر لیہ کرگل شاہراہ پر واکھانالہ کے دائیں کنارے واقع ہے۔ شک چیک کے لوگوں کو اس گاﺅ ں میں موجودصنوبرکے درخت ( شکپہ)سے ایک دلی لگاﺅ ہے کیونکہ یہ اُن کے پردادا کی یادگار ہے۔ جس نے ان کے گاﺅں کو پہلی بار آباد کیا تھا۔

راقم کاجب اسسٹنٹ ٹورسٹ آفسرمحمد عیسی سے  ایک رسمی ملاقات کے دوران انکے گاﺅں کے متعلق گفتگو کی تو ذیل کی کہانی سامنے آئی۔ بہت پہلے کی بات ہے کہ پشکم میں ایک شخص اپو لدنما کے نام سے رہا کرتا تھا۔ ایک دن وہ اپنے مویشیوں کو دیکھنے سکمبو کے پہاڑی میں چڑھا جہاں اُنہیں ایک صنوبر کادرخت( شکپہ) کا چھوٹا سا پودا ملا۔ اُنہوں نے پودے کو اپنے پرس میں سنبھال کرلے آیا اور نیچے اُترتے اُترتے آج کی شک چیک نامی جگہ کے پاس پہنچی۔ اونچاِئی سے اُنہوں نے اس پودے کو لگانے کا ایک موزون جگہ تلاش کیا تو وہی جگہ پایا جہاں آج پیڑ موجود ہے۔ اُس وقت یہ جگہ جھاڑیوں سے گھیرا ہوا تھا۔ اُنہوں نے پودے کو زمین کے حوالے کرتے ہوئے یہ ارادہ کیا کہ اگر یہ پودا ایک پیڑ کی شکل لے لیتا ہے تو وہ اس جگہ کو آباد کرے گا۔ جب چند سال بعد اپو لدنما اُس جگہ پر واپس پہنچاتو پایا کہ وہ پیڑآس پاس کی جھاڑیوں سے بھی بڑی ہو چکی ہے ۔ لہذا اُنہوں نے اس جگہ کو آباد کیا۔

آج جہاں یہ پیڑ اپولدنما کی نویں نسال کی دیدار پر نازاں ہیں وہیں اپولدنما کی نویں پشت اس درخت کو بابرکت تصورکرتے ہوئے اس سے مستفید ہونے کے ساتھ اسکی آبیاری اور نگرانی میں منہمک ہے۔ اپو لدنما کے صاحب زادے اپو سونمژھیرنگ تھا جن کے بیٹے سونم علی اور اس طرح غلام علی تھا۔ غلام علی کے پانچ بیٹے تھے جن میں سے ایک نصیب علی چھاتی تھنگ میں منتقل ہوئی، دوسرا بیٹا فوکار کے فُو نامی علاقے میں آباد ہوا اور تیسرا کرامبا نامی علاقے میں منتقل ہوا۔ باقی دو، کہا جاتا ہے کہ شک چیک میں ہی آباد ہوے۔ آج ایک خاندان کو حاجی یوسف علی کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے جو دریا کے اس پار لوچوم میں آباد ہے۔ دوسرا محمد ابراہیم شک چیک میں ہی آباد رہے۔ جن کے اولاد آج بھی شک چیک میں ہی مقیم ہے۔ آج شک چیک میں تقریبا 19 گھرانے آباد ہےں جو سب اپو لدنما کی ہی نسل سے ہے۔


صنوبر یعنی شکپہ درخت کے پاس کچھ مختلف اقسام کے پتھر نصب کیا ہواہے جنہیں کہا جاتا ہے کہ اپو لدنما نے ہی جمع کر کے نصب کیا تھا اور اُس خاص جگہ کو لدنمی تھویور کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے۔ کہا جاتا ہے کہ پہلے جب لوگوں کے پاس گھڑی نہیں ہوا کرتا تھا تو لدنمی تھویور کو وقت کی شناخت کے لئے بھی استعمال کیا جاتا تھا۔ ان پتھروں پر سورج طلوع ہونے پر لوگ اپنے مال مویشیوں کو پانی پلانے لیتے تھے اورغروب ہونے پر مویشوں کو جمع کرتے تھے، نیز اس کے سائے کو دیکھ کر دوپہر کے وقت کااندازہ لگاتے تھے۔مقامی لوگوں نے سرکار سے اُس شکپہ کو تحفظ دینے کی مانگ بھی کی تھی اور تاریخی درخت سرکار کی جانب سے عملی اقدام کی اب بھی منتظر ہے۔


Note: The article was first appeared in the Voice of Ladakh, Volume:6 | Issue:14, on 21, June 2018.

Desires in Kargil that need control

Dreaming about a new house

By Anwar Ali Tsarpa

A permanent resident may not have observed what I, as a temporary visitor, observe the change. With an intention to observe some transformations I took out for a walk in the morning after prayers. I observed many new constructions one after another, seemingly competing each other. Even a family of five to six members, possess a huge three storey house with 12 to 15 rooms. This is not what I saw only in my village but almost in all other villages.

I am not a pessimist denouncing the construction of houses in Kargil. Because shelter is one of the basic need of all animals including human animal. A “basic shelter” as a basic need should be the priority over many other things. But I would say that construction of “luxurious house” is ridiculous if prioritised over other essential things.

I find it “ridiculous” because many have given the preference to construction of “luxurious houses” over children’s education, future source of income, future planning, fertile agricultural land, and need of the society around him/her. Let me explain all these points one by one.

Firstly, many people have chosen to build a luxurious house and a car over a quality education of his children. In a random observation of many villages in the suburbs of Kargil town I found many people deprived their children from a reputed school or from higher education outside Kargil. In this case your children, when become a wo/man, will be less or unproductive. Your future will fall in risk.

Secondly, if your children are having a quality education it is still not guaranteed that they will get a good job. Because, now every household have a number of people holding Bachelor, Master, and PhDs degrees. So, in a zero industrialised area like Kargil or in whole Jammu and Kashmir the government would not be able to ensure good job for each and every one. My argument would be reliable if you look at the number of unemployed youth in Kashmir valley, which is relatively much higher than other states of India. In this case you need to save this money to make an investment for your future generation to come. Or you have to invest the money in such a way that they produce a good economic return for you. Because, building an expensive house is not going to give you a return revenue.

Thirdly, construction of such a huge house has been spoiling fertile agricultural lands. At the same time, I came to know that many people have sold their lands to finance the construction of “unnecessarily luxurious” house. In this case we are depriving our future generation from their rights for our prolonged selfish desires. And the higher middle class (because Kargil currently don’t have an economic higher class) who is purchasing those lands are getting richer day by day, creating a wide gap between rich and the poor.

Fourthly, if you have enough money to fund both your children education and to invest to make their future secure you have another responsibility. It is your ethical, moral, rational and religious duty to look after those who need your money more than you. The poor who can’t make their bread, shelter and education are those whose bread has been reached to your dinning table. According to Imam Ali (a.s.), if someone has received more rizaq than what he actually needed than consider that someone’s right has been deprived. Allah and the Apostles (peace be upon them), don’t want you to close your eyes on the poor. You are the chosen one by God to deliver other’s right; and this is really a privilege and pleasure for you. If you remain deaf to them the God will be displeased.

Tentative Solution

Many of my respondents said that a “big house is needed to facilitate people on “rallphut” (public events). Yes, this is really a weighty need of the hour. But, construction of a community hall would fulfil the need while saving huge investment and agricultural lands. Houses should be small and the events should conduct in community halls which could be constructed to suit the events. I hope this topic will open for debate among intellectuals, clerics and community leaders in all villages to mitigate this unnecessary ridiculous competition.

The author (Anwar Ali Tsarpa) is a PhD scholar at Nelson Mandela centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. The article was first published in weekly Voice of Ladakh Volume – 6 | Issue – 12 on 26 May 2018.

Why Kargil bother more about Global Issues?

Kargil 1

Few youth, may be due to lack of logical observations, question that: Why Kargil bother more about Middle East or international issues rather than grassroots issues in Kargil? Since the last protest, held against Netanyahu’s India visit, covered by many national and international media, even outsiders have also raised the same question. Thus the outcry has also multiplied.

So I think this need a discourse. So, let’s theorize the issue. Let me explain!

According to social scientists a dispute arouse at three levels. (1) For basic daily needs, security, and survival; (2) for respect, self esteem and luxury etc; (3) for cultural superiority, religious freedom etc. If we prioritize the issues, the first is the most important, second is less important and third is the least important. The struggle against corruption, nepotism, education and political status are not in par with struggle for daily basic needs, security and survival. The issues in Middle East, for which Kargil raise voice are grave concerns of basic need and security of life. However, issues in Kargil are not worse like that. When the basic survival issues fulfills, then the turn comes for second and the third one. So there is no comparison between the issues in Kargil and issues in Middle East.

Secondly, at the international level, countries that play a major role and take concerns on humanitarian ground about various issues at the regional and the global level, have the status of regional, great or super power. They subsequently enjoy a major say in international organizations. E.g. India, with the second largest population in the world, plays a major role in South Asia, is on the edge to get permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. Because, India contribute troops, experts opinion, logistic support and humanitarian aid for various peacekeeping missions by UN. Thus it proves that, speaking for other countries on humanitarian ground is considered to be a noble job.

Thirdly, at the national level, the motto of Central Government led, National Service Scheme (NSS) is “Not Me But You”. The national level service scheme initiated by Mahatma Gandhi is a group of young responsible volunteers whose priority is mankind rather than him/her self. Islam also says that the best obedience to the creator is to serve creatures. The crux is, those who serve humanity and other creatures are the best responsible citizens. The culture of might is right and self survival is common in both animal and human. The difference is human acts on humanitarian ground.

Yes, Kargil take concern about global issues because they want India to become a permanent member of the UNSC. They concern because they hate crime; and they have zero crimes rate in their own district. They protest because they want to propagate justice across the globe. In Quranic terms they feel the responsibility of the “leaders’ for mankind”.

But it doesn’t mean that they totally neglect their own part. The youth in Kargil had recently taken to street against corruption, nepotism and other issues. The MLA Kargil had made a major uproar in the state Assembly. The religious organizations conduct free medical camps and distribute free clothes among needy. They had raised their voice on state and national issues like article 370, 35 A, triple talaq, demand for Union Territory, Greater Ladakh demand and many others. All these are within Kargil and Kargili voice for both “me” (Kargil) and “you” (non-Kargil). It is the media who doesn’t cover these stories because they had little chance to get TRP. But when Kargil raised voice against Israel the Zionist led imperialist media highlights it with an intention to divert the voice of the mass.

Lastly, but most importantly, the “world is flat”, the “globe is shrinking”, and in an era of communication, connectivity, global governance and cooperation, no issue is yours’ and ours’. A minor shift in policy in west affects the east and a minor conflict in the east jeopardizes the west. In such an era of soft war, only guns loaded with information will be the triumphant. People present in the battle field will be the leaders. Thus the slogans of “self-help”, “ego-centric” and “ethno-centric” are enemies’ policy to keep you on the bay. So don’t get confined in the enemies trap.

In a nutshell I would argue that, this (statement) is a thought, your thought is based on your knowledge, and your knowledge is based on your source. So check your source, it may be under hegemony!

By – Anwar Ali Anwar

کرگل میں ہیراپھیری! زمہ دار کون؟

Kargil Corruption

یہ تو سب نے سنا ہوگا کہ پچھلے سال ڑیر ساری بد نظمی اور بد عنوانیوں کے زیر سائہ ہونے والی جنرل لائن ٹیچرز کے امتحان کا نتیجہ آگیا تھا جس پر بہت سے کرگلی جوان ماتم کر رہے تھے۔ خیر ماتم کرنے والے کرتے ہیں لیکن ناکام امطحانات کے کامیاب لوگ آج شان سے سرکاری ملازم کے خطاب کے ساتھ جی رہے ہیں۔ سال ۲۰۱۷ اپنے آخر میں ہے لیکن یہ سال کرگل کی غریب عوام کو کچھ خاص یادیں دے کر نہیں جا رہا ہے۔ اس سال کی زلزلہ آمیز خبروں میں سب سے پہلے کرگل میں وائرل ہونے والا فحش ویڑیو تھا جس نے سب کے رونگٹے کھڑے کر دئے۔ پھر ویجیلنس کے یم راج کا ۷۰ لوگوں کی فحرست لیکر کرگل پہنچنے کی خبر ملی۔ ان لوگوں پر الزام تھا کہ یہ لوگ ۱۰۰ روپیہ کھاتے میں لیکر ناشتہ ہزار روپئے  کا کھاتے ہیں جسکا اندازہ عوام کو بھی اُن کے عالیشان مکان گاڑیوں اور جموں و کشمیر میں موجود انکی زمینوں اور مکانوں سے ہو جاتا ہے۔ کرگل میں یہ نئی بات تو نہیں ہے لیکن پھر بھی اس خبر سے ہنگامہ بہت ہوا کہ حال میں ہوئے وی ایل ڑبلیو کے امتحان میں اسامیوں کو کرگل کے چند صاحب مقام لوگوں کے عزیز اور اقربائ کے درمیان بطور تبرک تقسیم کر دیا گیا ہے۔

اب سب سے بڑا سوال یہ ہے کہ ان سب کا زمہ دار کون ہے؟

جہان زمہ داری کی بات آتی ہے ٹھیک ساس بہو کے جھگڑے کی طرح ہر کوئی ایک دوسرے پر الزام دھرتا ہوا نظر آتا ہے۔ کسی کی نظر میں ساکاری ملازم چور میں تو کسی کی نگاہ میں سیاسی لیڑر اور کسی کی نظر میں کرگل کے دونوں مزہبی ادارے زمہ دار ہیں۔ حقیقت تو یہ ہے کہ اس حمام میں سبھی ننگے ہیں جو ایک دوسرے کو ننگا کہہ رہے ہیں۔ ہم سماج کے رشوت خوروں کو تو کوستے ہیں مگر رشوت دینے والوں کو کچھ نہیں کہتے۔ فحش ویڑیو بنانے والوں پر لعنت کرتے ہیں مگر اس ویڑیو کو چرا کر جا بہ جا نشر کرنے والوں کو بھول جاتے ہیں۔ ہم لوگوں کو لوٹ کر مال جمع کرنے والوں کو تو گالیاں دے کر نکل جاتے ہیں مگر سماج میں ان لٹیروں کا احترام کرنے والے اور عزت دینے والوں کو فراموش کر دیتے ہیں۔ اور پھر آخر میں ہمارے جوان ان سب کا ٹھیکرا آئے کے ایم ٹی اور آئی ایس کے سر پھوڑتے ہیں۔ شاید کچھ لوگوں کو گمان ہے کہ یہ دونوں ادارے آسمان سے نازل ہوئے ہیں یا پھر اقوام متحدہ کی جانب سے مامور کئے گئے ہیں۔ ان سب کے درمیان ہم یہ بھول جاتے ہیں کہ ان اداروں کے کام کرنے والے، ان اداروں کو چلانے والے، اور حمایت کرنے والے سب کے سب ہم اور آپ میں سے کسی نہ کسی کے والد، چاچا، تایا، بھائی یا پھر دوست ضرور ہیں۔ اب اگر اسی طرح ایک دوسرے کو ننگا کہنے اور کوسنے کا سلسلہ جاری رہا تو بہت جلد اس حمام کی دیواریں گر جائیں گی اور اس قوم کے ننگ پنے کو دیکھ کر ساری دنیا منہ پھیر لیگی۔

ان تمام مسائل پر بولنے والے بول رہے ہیں اور لکھنے والے لکھ رہے ہیں۔ مگر اسی درمیاں سننے میں آیا ہے کہ کچھ لوگ روزگار کا ایک نیا اور انوکھا تجربہ کر رہے ہیں کہ آر ٹی آئی لگاو، لوگوں کو ڑرائو، دباو بنائو اور مال کمائو۔ اب میں یہ لوگوں پر چھوڑتا ہوں کہ اس طرح مجبوری کا فائدہ اٹھانے کو رشوت خوری کہیں گے یا کچھ اور۔

صرف قوم کا مرثیہ پڑھنے سے تو کسی مسئلہ کا حل ہونے والا نہیں ہے۔ ہمیں یہ سوچنا پڑے گا کہ آخر زیرو (۰) ایف آئے آر والے معاشرے میں آج رشوت، قتل، عصمت ریزی، فحاشی جیسی بیماریاں جڑ کیون پھیلا رہی ہیں۔ مجھے مولا علی کا ایک قول یاد آتا ہے کہ ـ جس کی آرزو لمبی ہوگی اسکا کام بھی خراب ہوگا۔ ہماری بدحالی کی کئی وجوہات ہو سکتے ہیں لیکن میری نظر میں یہ ایک بنیادی وجہ ضرور ہے۔ وہ قنائد پسند، وہ صابر قوم جو اتنی سختیوں کے باوجود نہایت ہی محبت اور وقار کے ساتھ زندگی گزارتی تھی آج اس قوم کی خواہشات کی فہرست بہت طویل ہو گئی ہے۔ ہم سب کو سرکاری نوکری چاہئے، ایک عالیشان مکان چاہئے، چلنے پھرنے کیلئے ایک خوبصورت گاڑی، موسم سرما میں جموں کا سفر، بچوں کو جموں، دہلی، چنڑی گڑھ میں پڑھانا، مہنگے کپڑے اور منفرد موبائل وغیرہ وغیرہ۔ اب یہ تمام چیزیں سیدھے راستے حاصل ہو تو ٹھیک ورنہ دوسری راہیں تلاش کرتے ہیں۔

آخر میں اتنا ہی کہوں گا کہ حکومت امام معصوم کی ہی کیوں نہ ہو اگر انسان ایماندار نہ ہو اور اسکی خواہشات کی فہرست طویل ہو تو دینار اور درہم کی جھنکار سُن کر امام معصوم کو چھوڑ دیتا ہے اور امیر شام کے دربار میں جا پہنچتا ہے۔

تحریر  ۔۔۔ انور علی انور ۔۔۔ ژھرپا

Rabbani’s Character Assassination

After political figures, character assassination is being using as a tool against the people affiliated with masses and movements as it is a commonly used technique to derail every mass movement. You may have heart about Rahul Gandhi whose character has been distorted and portrayed as a failed leader by the biased media. In a similar incident prominent religious scholar Molana Zaki Baqiri was also targeted by manipulating his Majlis videos.

Once again a charismatic leader has been targeted by character assassination attempt. Various videos have been produced against prominent youth Leader Feroz Ahmed Rabbani over which he has been labelled for denouncing Islamic values. It comes almost on the same day on which the “Unity Conference” was organised by All Kargil (Ladakh) Students’ Association Delhi (AKSAD), which was directed by Rabbani.


The Unity Conference had irked many stake holders in Kargil who are benefitting from polarisation in the society. With the help of these videos three targets are aimed: (1) to humiliate and defame the architect of the “Unity Conference” so that no one in future would dare to take such a step; (2) to underestimate the effectiveness of the conference by highlighting an alternative issue; (3) to nip an emerging youth leader in the bud.

In one video the voice has been dubbed over an old video of Rabbani in which he is portrayed as saying that “the two organisations in Kargil are responsible for every problem in the society; and all must unite to annihilate the two organisations”. This is what he never said in his decade long journey of social and religious activism. In the Unity Conference also, he clearly declared that the aim of the conference is not to denounce or put to end to any organisation but to minimise the misunderstanding, gap and hatred between the two influential organisations and among common people towards each other.

The second video is a four-years-old video in which Rabbani on the request of children is doing mimicry of some other person. This is what the viewers couldn’t understand anything from the video itself. The names in the video like “Bibi, Boni, Wasi al Hasan” etc are the name of the persons present in the video and there is no resemblance of anything with the fourteen infallibles or any other Islamic values. However, Rabbani himself is apologising for this act if this has hurt anyone’s feelings.

The scene was recorded and the memory card with the video was misplaced and left in Kargil by his younger brother. The same memory card was discovered by one of his relative and started using that. While transferring some other data from the mobile a wicked person from his own village purloined the video and started distributing among his village youth, a month before this incident. Rabbani was informed by some of his friend about the video. At the time fearing unrest due to misconception, Rabbani warned those people not to disseminate the video.

It was on the same day when AKSAD concluded the unity conference in Delhi – the video was deliberately disseminated again. A group of person tried to pressurise all the religious organisations to denounce Rabbani for humiliating religious values. Some organisations felt need to investigate and some announced without investigation. Imam Juma in proper Kargil criticised the video without seeking any verification and clearance from Rabbani himself.

Fearing the escalating unrest between people, Rabbani himself embarked to contact all the organisations and prominent figures in Kargil and also wrote letter to all the organisations. He accepted his irresponsible act and said that it was not a deliberate act to humiliate religious values.

Rabbani has been a charismatic leader, responsible member, AKSUD’s advisor, religious orator with an effective wit, and social activist. He is actively participating and conducting religious congregations and social seminars in Delhi since last eight years. Unfortunately we could see only a single irrationality from him rather than his major contribution to the society.

Most noteworthy is that this incident was an examination of the whole community: Firstly, no one unfortunately dare enough to raise voice against those who stole the video, disseminated that and used it as a coward tool to assassinate his character, which also caused an infamous foment in the society. Secondly, is this the right way to deal with a person whoever committed a mistake, knowingly or unknowingly?

I would caution the whole society that the act of humiliating someone by exposing his personnel life is an unethical trend which would cover all of us one day. Because we all are human being and no one is infallible.

By Anwar Ali Tharpa

मुस्लिम नाटो – साम्राज्यवाद का नया हथियार।

अभिमन्यु कोहर:

ये 2 शब्द “मुस्लिम नाटो” सुन कर शायद आप अचरज में पड़ गए हों की आखिर ये क्या है? अभी 39 मुस्लिम देशों ने मिल कर एक नया सैन्य संगठन बनाया है जिसका नाम है “इस्लामिक अलायन्स टू फाइट अगेंस्ट टेररिज्म” लेकिन उसके उद्देश्यों को जानकर इसे अगर “मुस्लिम नाटो” बोला जाये तो यह गलत नहीं होगा क्योंकि इसका उद्देश्य भी वो ही है जो नाटो का है। यह संगठन भी नाटो की तरह गरीब मुल्कों के शोषण और साम्राज्यवादी नीतियों को आगे बढ़ाने के लिए बनाया गया है। हमारा मानना है कि यह संगठन नाटो से भी ज्यादा खतरनाक साबित होगा अगर यह हकीकत बनता है तो।
हमे इस संगठन के बनने के पीछे की कहानी को समझना थोड़ा जरुरी है। इस संगठन की पहली बार बात 2015 के आखिर में सामने आयी। ज्ञात रहे की 2015 के आखिर तक ये साफ़ हो गया था कि सीरिया में सऊदी अरब समर्थित आतंकवादियों को बुरी हार झेलनी पड़ेगी और दूसरी तरफ यमनी लोगों के साहस के सामने सऊदी सैनिक मैदान छोड़ के भाग रहे थे। तो इस समय सऊदी अरब को बचाये रखने के लिए इस संगठन “मुस्लिम नाटो” की आधारशिला रखी गयी।

इस संगठन की 3 चीजें बड़ी ही हैरान करने वाली हैं। सबसे पहली यह की ये संगठन आतंकवाद से लड़ने की बात करता है लेकिन आतंकवाद से सबसे बुरी तरह प्रभावित दो देश इराक और सीरिया को इसमें शामिल नहीं किया गया, तो किस तरह से ये आतंकवाद से लड़ने की बात कर रहा है? ईरान को भी इस संगठन में शामिल नहीं किया गया है, इस वजह से यह एक सुन्नी देशों का संगठन नज़र आता है जिसका असली मकसद मुस्लिम देशों को शिया बनाम सुन्नी में बाँटना है। इस संगठन के निर्माण के बाद इसके सदस्य देशों में यह शिया बनाम सुन्नी की लड़ाई अब और भी ज्यादा तेज होगी।
दूसरी बात इस संगठन का हेडक्वार्टर सऊदी अरब की राजधानी रियाद में बनाया गया है और इस संगठन की आर्थिक जरूरतें भी सऊदी अरब द्वारा ही पूरी की जाएँगी। इस बात से यह बात निश्चित है कि जिस सऊदी अरब ने परोक्ष या अपरोक्ष तौर पर दुनिया के ज्यादातर आतंकवादियों को समर्थन दिया, वो ही सऊदी अरब अपनी राजधानी में एक संगठन का हेडक्वार्टर बना के अब उन्हीं आतंकवादियों से लड़ने की बात कर रहा है जिन्हें उसने खुद पाला पोसा है। बाकि सदस्य देशों का इस संगठन के उद्देश्यों और नीतियों पर कंट्रोल न के बराबर होगा जिन परिस्थितियों में और जिन तरीकों से इसका निर्माण हो रहा है।
तीसरा अहम बिंदु ये है कि पूर्व पाकिस्तानी आर्मी चीफ रिटायर्ड जनरल राहिल शरीफ को इस संगठन का पहला कमांडर नियुक्त किया गया है, यह बात हज़म नहीं होती कि लश्कर ए तैयबा, जैश ए मोहम्मद और हिज़्बुल मुजाहिदीन जैसे आतंकवादी संगठनों को बनाने वाली पाकिस्तानी आर्मी का पूर्व चीफ अब आतंकवादियों के खिलाफ लड़ाई का नेतृत्व करेगा। जिस पाकिस्तानी सेना की मुम्बई हमले में संलिप्तता थी, उस पाकिस्तानी सेना का पूर्व चीफ आतंकवाद से लड़ने की बात करे तो यह बात असम्भव लगती है।
यह संगठन आतंकियों के खिलाफ लड़ने वाला संगठन प्रतीत ना हो कर बल्कि एक आतंकवादियों का समर्थन करने वाला संगठन प्रतीत हो रहा है। यह संगठन सऊदी अरब की वहाबी नीतियों की पूर्ति के लिए बनाया हुआ संगठन मात्र है।