My India bleeds

Pulwama Terror Attack

Godhra only vitiated Gujarat. Pulwama has sent bodies all over the country.

This is what happens when you allow a selfish politician to rise to the national level. This was waiting to happen. This is the ultimate way to win an election and bury all the misdeeds of the past 58 months including tons of corruption.

It will be a miracle if this stops at whatever has already transpired.

The mobs are already on the street waiving the tricolor and asking people to shut shops and wage a war against Pakistan. But for how long can shops be kept shut? But for how long can a call for war be made into a cry? Those who seek war are going to become hugely disappointed when one does not materialize.

But nobody is asking the 56″ Modi Sarkar as to how this was allowed to happen, now that all the borders are secured by your forces that are in your control, all the communication is under your control, all the money is in your control, all the security agencies and intelligence agencies are in your control. And you have such eminent people like Ajit Doval as the National Security Advisor.

Just to jog your memory, these were the very same questions that Modi posed to PM Manmohan Singh..

When Intelligence agencies were busy gauging national mood and PM popularity.

A random SUV packed with explosives drove from the side and mingled with a CRPF convoy on the most heavily guarded highway. And rammed into a bus. Killing 44 soldiers.

And India happily accepts the collateral damage to their blind bhakti.

And bay for war, sitting in their comfy perches.

You’re filth, did you know that, morons? Do you also know that both nations are nuclear armed? And that you too will be blown sky high?

Still want war??

Nobody can waltz into a country and cause this much blatant destruction without the presence of an inside hand. Look into your own backyard first. Then point fingers.

Also, stop making this communal. The Commanding officer of the battalion was a Kashmiri Muslim.

Mourn, India. Mourn the pointless butchery of our men in uniform. Blame the disgusting politics being played by the highest offices of the land. And blame the Chief who is too busy giving press interviews and instigatory statements. Preparing for his elusive governorship.

Blame yourselves. For your uninformed unnecessary hate mongering. Your biases. Your islamophobia. Your choices.

Then mourn..

@Rishank Ratan

Graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

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