Uneven phenomenon in Kargil: Who is responsible?

kargil 4

Its always suggested to keep dangerous things like knife, matches box, poison, etc away from children. Because they don’t know the correct use of that; as a result, could cause damage or loss. Similarly, some things are instructed to keep away from adults as well, if they are not aware of its correct use. One among those things need to take concern in case of both adults and children is smart phones. In Kargil it seems that many of the adults are not aware of mobile’s correct use; as a result, we are facing one incident per week on an average.

Recently we saw some one filmed a guy alleging him of stealing things in Kargil house at Jammu. Similarly, we had a heated unnecessary debate over wearing pants by girls. In the past few years also, some novice activists alleged gross negligence, nepotism and favouritisms in recruitments. Over them we had crossed all lines in shaming and blaming each other on social media platforms. We did not even refrain from sharing sex video on WhatsApp.

We have twin problem of “sharing” and “blaming”.

kargil 3

I would ask, is our sharing and heated debate on social media the solution? We have shared so many videos and assassinated many characters. Now they are not able to enjoy a dignified life freely in the society. We have leaved them to die every day in their own eyes and of others. Have not you heart the tradition that “Honor of a believer is greater than that of Holy Kabba”. Because of wrong use of smart phones we have received such a huge loss and damage. In blaming game we alleged gross negligence in General line teachers, recruitment of VLW seats; vigilance over 80 officials etc etc.

kargil 1

The question arises here is “Who is responsible? When it comes to responsibility people accuse each other like fight among a mother and daughter-in-law. Some accuse government servicemen, some political leaders and some pointed towards two religious organisations of the district. Truth is that all are naked in this bathroom; but still accusing each other naked. We curse the thief on social media but don’t bother to understand what structural conditions forced him to adopt this business. We curse those taking bribe but neglect those who give. We lamented the one who created the porn video but ignored those who circulated the video and spoiled the belief of hundreds. We hate those who loot or illegally confiscate other’s right but leave those who give respect and status to those wicked people.

In this blaming game speakers are breaking podiums, writers are breaking the pen. Among them some have developed an innovative way of livelihood. File RTI under the Right to Information Act, threaten people, make pressure and loot what they have as booty. I leave this on the people to decide whether this is corruption or something else?

Only blaming game would not lead us to the solution. We have to put our thinking caps to know that why the community which had zero First Investigation Report (FIR) in police station throughout the year has been reporting such cases of moral harassment, sexual cases, corruption and other similar problems. I remember the famous saying of Imam Ali (a.s.) which says that “Who’s desires are prolonged his deeds will be bad.” Our problems of corruption and stealing could have various causes but, in my opinion, this is also a fundamental cause. The community who loved simple life style, patience and used to spent life in love, affection and dignity despite of numerous harsh geographical and climate challenges has now a long list of desires. All of us need a government job, a huge bungalow, luxurious vehicle, tour to Jammu city in winter, education for children in a metro city, expensive clothing, exclusive mobile phone etc etc. If this prolonged list fulfils with straight path, its fine otherwise people search for alternatives.

Everyone, especially those extending shoulders to fight against the problems in the society must understand that, the blaming and accusing game leads to Takfiriat. Those who were accusing both Muawiya and Ali a.s. gave birth to the Khawarij who leads to extremism. Similarly, those who were accusing the failures of Ottoman Empire gave birth to Wahhabism. Thus, proves that blaming game of the statuesque without an alternative plan leads to takfirism.

At the end, I would say that even in the reign of infallible Imam’s if people’s desires are prolonged, they leave Imam and attend the palace of Ameer e Sham to gain gold and silver coins.

By: Anwar Ali Tsarpa