Govt. Middle School students in Kargil develops Artificial Glacier


Government Middle School students in Kargil have developed an Artificial Glacier in Karith village with the help of the teaching staff and the villagers. Here is a short discription about the glacier by a teaching staff.

Respected everyone, we the staff members of Government Middle School Karith want to give a short description about the artificial Glacier that we (have) prepared at Karith.

The thought was discussed in 2016 by the staff members in which the involment of the students was also ensured with the aim to develop the creative approach of the students. Even though the first attempt was not a success but good enough to keep the concept alive.

So, in 2017 we decided to do it again and the result is in front of you all.
It took more than a week to choose a suitable location and to discuss about other important details and finally we built the structure successfully by 28th of November 2017 at the selected location.

The glacier was under observation by the staff as well as students before the vocation but after the vacations as it was not possible to go to the village everyday we decided that the native staff and students will visit the glacier weekly and inform us about the status.

The site was visited by other staff members too and also decided to go again to evaluate if there is any shortcoming and futher modification needed. Thus the staff members and the students worked really hard to make this a successful one.

We hope that everyone will appreciate and support us.

Thank You
Staff Members of Government Middle School Karith (Working under Pilot Project)

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