Students hold conference to unite religious organizations in Kargil

“Unity a step towards development”


Aimed to initiate a dialogue to integrate the influential religious organizations in Kargil, a high level conference held here in Delhi Saturday.

The conference was joined by representatives of influential “Marja e Taqleed” who have huge followers in Kargil district. Political figures “were also invited but no one reached except MLA Asgar Karbalai”. Presidents from all student organizations were also joined the conference as speaker and pledged to continue the unity campaign in their own city. All the youth leaders urged the organizations in Kargil to unite for common causes.


Aga Mehdi Mehdavipur, the representative of Aytaollah Khamenei said that “unity is the key to development. The movement of Imam Khomeini becomes successful because of unity and principles of Wilayat e Imam Ali he adopted. … If we look back in history, we can see many wicket policies to suppress the Islamic revolution. The Enemies have many advanced weapons and technology but Iran have belief and unity which always remained triumphant over enemies weapon. Khomeini himself was a proponent of Unity.”

Mehdavipur said that “unity is not a tactic (short term plan) but a strategy (long term plan), which must continue forever”.

“Unity is not a political statement but is a Quranic terminology which is a responsibility over the Muslims ummah. Influential Mujtahideens, including Ayatollah Sistani, Ayatollah Khamenei and Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi have emphasized over unity and consider it as a religious duty.”

“Unity can’t achieve with mere slogans but need strategy, policy and timely action on the ground. “

“Unity doesn’t mean that all have same thinking, policy and tactics but goal should be common for all.”

“There are many sects in Islam and here unity doesn’t mean to abandon one’s own ideology or sect but to unite of commonalities and goals; because we have many things in common.”

“If we look at Kargil, we have Shia’s in majority thus unity is must here as we have more and more things in common. We all believe in the wilayat of Imam Ali.”

“I have many times said that Kargil is geographically small but spiritually Kargil is very large. Kargil is at high altitude thus they also have high goals, willingness, passion and thinking. Thus it’s the responsibility of clerics to maintain unity in Kargil.”

“We need the political figures, common people and clerics to sit together to find a panacea for problems in Kargil.”

“Kargil has a harsh climate thus people have a good potential of resistance. This is also a merit of people in Kargil.”

He maintained that there are three hurdles in unity of Kargil. Extremism is the main hurdle in the way of unity which he termed as Takfirism. Another hurdle he mentioned is materialistic interest and lastly he pointed individual interest as the main hurdle in the way to unity. These things spoil the unity process which was initiated last year.

He said that it is very fortunate that most of the common people and some of the clerics in both the organizations are serious to unite the society. He congratulated the AKSAD members over embracing the unity process.

He suggested the students who have strength of 4-5 thousands to continue the unity process in Kargil also.


Leader of the Indian Shia community, Molana Qalbi Jawad also expressed his blessings to the students over initiating the unity process.


Representative of Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi, Molana Syed Abid Abass Zaidi also expressed his support to the unity process and congratulated the students.

All Kargil (Ladakh) Students Association Delhi (AKSAD) Advisor Feroz Ahamad Rabbani, introducing the purpose of the conference said that Kargil had and has sustained without development but can’t sustain without unity.


The one and only Pilot from Kargil, Mohd Hussain also addressed the students and expressed his concerns over various socio-political issues in Kargil. Haji Asgar Ali Karbalai also addressed the gathering.

Molana Jawad Habibi, represented the Ulumas who are studying in Iran and expressed his support to the unity process. The conference was also joined by hundreds of Kargili students studying in Delhi and suburbs.

The representative of Aytaollah Sistani, Molana Qalbi Sadiq was also expected to join the conference but didn’t reach due to some reasons.

The conference was conducted by the All Kargil (Ladakh) Students Association Delhi.

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