Influential religious organization in Kargil calls for shutdown against Kashmir killings

Ladakh Express 20th July 2016: ikmt-headerIn a recent press note, influential religious organization Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Kargil calls for a complete Shutdown in Kargil District on Thursday 21st July 2016 against the human rights violation in Kashmir valley.

As per the press note the organization has planned to stage a protest rally at Kargil town following by the Zuhar Prayers at Jamia Masjid Kargil.  Beware that the recent conflict in Kashmir Valley has killed more than 50 people and more than 3000 have been injured. As per the media reports many of the casualties are in critical condition.

A new row of demonstration and killings have been erupted in Kashmir valley after the killing of young militant leader Burhan Wani on 8th of July.

Why Kargil must have a centre for UGC-NET exam?

Taxis charge ₨ 700-800 for one side from Kargil to Srinagar while buses charge ₨ 400. Most of the students choose to travel by bus because they can’t effort an expensive journey. It goes around ₨ 2000 after calculating the both side travel, food and accommodation charges. I came to know that four buses are leaving for Srinagar from Kargil on 9th of July 2016 in which most of the passengers were students going to appear in the UGC-NET paper scheduled on 10th of July.


I was one among the students who were going to appear in the paper. Before dawn we proceed towards Srinagar. After travelling 190 KMs, passing through the rough, dangerous and road from among the high mountains of Zojila Pass, in the chill weather of morning we reached at Sunamarg at around 11:00 AM. Whenever we set to travel via Zojila Pass we use to say a warm good-bye to our family members. On the way till Sunamark my fellow travellers received call once in an hour from their family members. These calls were because of the fear of the dangerous route to Srinagar. Unfortunately after reaching to Sunamark we came to know that Srinagar city is on strike, demonstrating against the killing of militant leader Burhan Wani and his two associates.

We had planned to take the breakfast at Kangan as we like the food quality there. Because of the strike Police doesn’t allowed the vehicles to proceed towards Srinagar. We entered a Kashmiri restaurant at Sunamark to have breakfast. The restaurant Wala lied that because of strike all the restaurants in Sunamarg don’t serve bread; so we had no choice other than eating rice in the morning which is not a routine in Ladakh and Kashmir. Since then we anxiously waited to through the road till 5:00 PM in the afternoon. Suddenly there was a rumour that the UGC-NET paper has been postponed. A guy told that due to poor network he had received only the half text of a message regarding the postponement of the exam. After receiving the whole message his phone got switched off due to low battery; but before showing it to anyone else. This created more curiosity among the students to know the actual information.

I took the guy to the tourist Bungalow and charged his phone, than only the students came to know that the exam has been postponed and the next date to inform on a future date. When the students came to know about this, three of the four buses, many small commercial vehicles and private vehicles set back to Kargil as hundreds of those students were going for the same exam. Passing again through the rough and high mountain passes we reached back to home at mid-night in a tired and very poor condition.

Some students who had travelled a day before to Srinagar faced more problem than us. When I contacted some of them I came to know that they had no food to eat due to strike in the valley. Some of the vehicles carrying students were attacked on the way by the stone-pelting. This is not the only trouble Kargili peoples, especially student’s face but there are uncountable concerns to raise here. But this time I am only focusing on the UGC-NET issue. The students have been demanded many times to the concerned authorities to establish a separate exam centre in Kargil for UGC-NET and other such exams. After travelling such a long journeys how we can expect a student to face a competitive exam? Why a student should risk his life to achieve one of his fundamental rights? Is not this a structural injustice, discrimination and humiliation of citizens in a democracy? If yes, than this issue should be solved before conducting the next exam.

By Anwar Ali Tharpa

Exclusive interview with President ISK Sheikh Nazir

After the disputed presidential election in the Islamia School Kargil (ISK) on 5th April 2016, a new phase in the history of Kargil as well as ISK seems to be emerged. The “reformation” which I mentioned in former articles as a “peace process” really seems to be a “long” and tiresome process. The enigma of turning 30 years back, the power sharing formula to the newly elevated Chief Patron Syed Jamal Musavi and to know the details of Sheikh Nazir’s tour to Delhi, Ladakh Express had an exclusive interview with Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi. Here is the interview.

Sheikh Nazir Mehdi Mohammadi

Ladakh Express (LE): We heart that, in your tour to Delhi you met with prominent personalities, who were they and what were the agendas in the meetings?

Sheikh Nazir Mehdi (SNM): First of all we met with the representative of Wilayat e Faqi, Ayatollah Mehdavipur, in which we discussed the issue of reformation in the society. It is decided that the issue of Jama Masjid is to be solved first, without that nothing else will be discussed before. If the issue of Masjid is solved than we will discuss other issues as well; and if this is not solved than we will not be ready to discuss any other issue. He (Mehdavipur) also ensured us to solve the same first and we hope this will be solved soon. However two meetings with IKMT were held recently but ended without any result. One more meeting is being scheduled after Ramazan let’s see what happen in that.

We told him (Mehdavipur) that the points Ayatollah Mehdavipur mentioned in his letter over the issues of Kargil are not the primary concerns. The major concerns are issues in belief and jurisprudence, which include jurisprudence issues like – Jama Masjid, Mutahhary School, Qatilgah, the usurped money of Wash Rooms, moon issue, judiciary; and belief issues like – innovations they have created in the religion. All these will discuss one by one but only after solving the problem regarding Jama Masjid.

In addition we met with the representative of Jamia Al-Mustafa – Aga Salihi, in which we discussed some social issues and issues related to Islamia School.

We went to Mukhtar Abass Naqvi to congratulate him on joining Rajya Sabha. During the meeting we discussed some primary issues of Kargil. The most important among them was Zojila Tunnel on which he assured us to start work as soon as possible. Secondly we requested him to provide helicopter service for serious patients during winter season. Thirdly we discussed the airbus service for Kargil. On these issues he didn’t refused but assured to take the issue to concerned authorities. Moreover we discussed the Ladakh Scott issue and many other issues as well. We hope that all this will fulfil soon.

 LE – The points you mentioned in your last speech (on 27 June) and the points you mentioned in your former speech (on 23 May) in which you manifest to go 30 years back were contradictory.

SNM – In my first speech I told that we wish to live a life as we were before the conflicts, 25-30 years back. The idea was that at that time we had no possession over heritages. In addition we had no innovations in the religion as they (IKMT) have created. My idea was to live such a life without imposition of any innovations. Let us embrace our religion without any additions.

LE – What do you mean by innovations and additions?

SNM – Whatever is present there (in IKMT) and not here is innovation. It was not present before; i.e. was Waqfas (supplications to Wilayat e Faqi) present before? No it was not. Was chanting slogans on Ashura present before? No it was not. All these are innovations which should abolish because these are causes of conflict in the society. Why they are doing this? Is this Mustahab or Wajib; then why they are doing this? All these are issues of belief and jurisprudence which I mentioned in detail in my last speech.

LE – In the same speech you mentioned that ISK will keep politics on bay. Up to what extent you would deal with politics?

SNM – I told it before also that political issue will not be discussed inside ISK premises. We will setup a wing to deal with political affairs and would not let politics to get interfere in ISK premises.

LE – To whom you submitted the white cloth which was signed by 3300 people and what was written on that?

SNM – I wrote whatever I told you here (above).

LE – This will be my last question. Chief Patron Aga Jamal Musavi told that he will be awarded the same power as Zakiri have in IKMT. When this power sharing formula will be decided?

SNM – Here, no power is going to share with anyone. If Zakiri have the power than tell him (Syed Jamal) to have it from Zakiri, he will not get any power from us.

LE – Thank you for giving your valuable time.