ISK committee vows to continue the peace process

After receiving a letter from the representative of Wilayat e Faqi, ISK Chief Patron, Syed Jamal Musavi conducted a meeting with the “empowered committee” chosen from ISK to continue the peace process. The five-members committee which include Sheikh Ghulam Hassan Waizi, Syed Mehdi Musavi Tambis, Sheikh Asgar Zakiri Chanigon and Syed Kazim Sabiri pledged to continue the peace process while the other two – Sheikh Ali Naqi (He is not a signatory of the deal while he was present in the committee) and Sheikh Mohammad Fikr – are said to be out of station.


In the supervision of Syed Jamal Musavi the attendants of the meeting signed an agreement pledging to continue the peace process. Speaking to the correspondent of Ladakh Express, Syed Jamal Musavi told that Ayatollah Mehdavipur has asked to continue the peace process and report back to him. He further ensured that the next meeting will be scheduled soon after reaching back the other two members of the nominated five members group.

Beware that the other faction of the ISK led by Sheikh Nazir Muhammadi is in Delhi. Sources told that he has carried together the white cloth signed by more than 2000 people. Syed Jamal pronounced that nothing has been written on the cloth. The two members of the empowered committee are also present with Sheikh Nazir in Delhi.

A five-member group from both the influential groups of Kargil met with the representative of Wilayat e Faqi in Delhi on 4th of April for the first time to embark peace talks. In addition to this five-member group another committee of three-members has also been chosen. It seems that both Syed Jamal led faction in ISK and IKMT are dedicated to reach a comprehensive peace agreement between the two groups, among whom the basis of the conflict are more ideological than interest.

During the interview Syed Jamal declined to speak anything regarding the current political instability in the LAHDC Kargil. While on the other side the politicians are associating themselves with the ISK and told that the “Council” belongs to ISK. Former Executive Councilor Rasool Naqvi blamed PDP to “divide ISK and IKMT on the same line as RSS divide Muslims into factions”. Former CEC Hanifa Jan told that “PDP has betrayed ISK not NC”. His statement also indicates that the council belongs to ISK.

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