Why I shield DC Kargil?

Since last few days, the wattsapp groups and other social media pages are flooded with comments regarding the “hot topic” of general line teachers’ recruitment. Some comments seem logical while some of them lacking in logic. Few of them write in a diplomatic and soft way while others write in a straight forward and striking way; some even use abusive languages.

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Why I shield DC Kargil?

It’s true that in the exam there were some “gross negligence” from the administration side. Yes there were only 40-50 supervisors to look after 7000 applicants. The examinees used mobile phones, and mass cheating was also happened during the exam. There was no proper sanitation system, drinking water facility and other basic needs. Amid all these the DC Kargil allegedly used “abusive language” on loud speaker.

But despite of all these I rationally do defend the DC Kargil. The first mistake we are doing in examining this GLT exam is comparison with UGC and other state and national level exams. Keep this on weighing scale with the other same exams in the past. The DC removed the interview and conducted a written test. In order to avoid any type of paper out, he arranged full security for the paper. In addition he kept all the 7000 students at a same place so that he could self supervise the exam. Keeping all applicants at one place was also “wrong” for some, but it was a positive effort from his side. However, taking bribe was almost avoided in this exam which is also an achievement of the DC. The only and only loophole in selection process was “mass cheating”, while the other problems have no direct link with the selection process. As a result of mass cheating many applicants from same families have been selected. In mass cheating the students are more responsible as they did such a cheap act. Nonetheless, while criticising all these we should not forget that we are under the regime of “four under-matriculations”. We can’t expect anything more fairly in this regime.

All the above could be a reason behind appreciation by religious organisations like IKMT. Some argue that IKMT had no need to say this at such a critical movement. But this is just a difference of opinion. IKMT may think that appreciating DC for his efforts is necessary at such a time when the whole district is against him.

On the other hand it’s also appreciable that the youth are taking serious action against the “mass negligence” at the exam. This is a precursor of growing intellectuality in the region. In the mean while it’s noteworthy that they should possess a cat eye rather than a rat eye. Rat eyes always show you the front side only.

Second, the students as being the first educated intellectual of the district should come with a panacea to come out from this trap of “unfair recruitments”. I mean, they are ought to propose a way to conduct a fair and standard way of entrance exams.

By Anwar Ali Czarpa