Alternative way to integrate religious organisations in Kargil

By Anwar Ali Czarpa

IMG_5356Due to clear sky in Kargil sometimes it happens that the Eid moon become visible in the day time. The Eid than is called “Toe-Eid”, the Mid Day Eid. This Eid is considered to be more elated, celebrating and enjoying as it bring the news of Eid very early.

It was just like a Toe-Eid among the Kargilites especially among the youth, when we came to know that the clerics from Karcha have been took an initiative to mediate talks for integration between the two influential prominent organisations of Kargil. Like toe-Eid it was also more elated as the representative of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Mehdavipur also encouraged the effort for integration. The prominent well-wisher and representative of Ayatollah Sistani, Molana Qalbi Sadiq from Lucknow also urged the two organisations to cooperate in integrating the two groups.

The letter wrote from the office of Ayatollah Mehadavipur worked as a green traffic light after which the student’s organisations, beginning by AKSUD, wrote series of letters to the chairman of both the organisations urging to integrate “for the welfare of the society”. This reflects the quest of the people to integrate the two religious Idaras. In the mean while people from Kargil to Delhi and youth studying in different nooks of the country are keen to look for the outcome of this historical effort. To remember this in history I would like to name this initiative as “KARCHA PEACE INITIATIVE”.


For the same cause many initiatives have been taken in past also ‘but failed’. The major reasons for the failure were non-cooperation from the disputants and lack of planning from the mediators. In most of the cases one party asked for a “zero sum game”, which obviously would lead to failure of the negotiation. What we needed here is a “win-win solution” for the problem, in which both the party would remain in satisfaction. Both the parties have to compromise on some issues for which Ayatollah Mehdavipur also urged to “cooperate”. If I am not wrong, “cooperate” in the letter means not to come in the talks only, but to make a decision for integration by looking for the greater benefit.

Till date, what happens in the talks doesn’t seem to move towards a positive resolution of the conflict. The Islamia School Kargil (ISK) asked the other party to hand-over all the Muttahhary schools, pay the amount of Qatilgah and Jama Masjid Kargil and to dissolve the whole IKMT with all its major branches. Fortunately IKMT was ready to accept the prolonged list of conditions except dissolution, but on the condition that ISK along with the clerics from IKMT should conduct election for all its posts which have not being done since 1992. This only condition is not being accepted by the other side. In this condition it seems that this effort is also going in vain.

Another solution which I would suggest here is to make a referendum. An open election for all the necessary post of an organisation should do by open the voting right to all the members of both the organisations. The newly elected executives would than own both the organisation under the banner of ISK or by any new name. I think ISK shouldn’t be any problem to anyone as it has the status of central organisation in all Kargil, formed with the consent of whole Kargil.


Everyone knows that both the organisations have no difference remained in beliefs. Both believe in Islamic fundamentals, fourteen infallibles and the Islamic revolution. Both conduct same events with same goal, same banners and same posters with same slogans. It means that the problem is not in ideology or belief. So the problem would be in ‘conflict of interest’. But the question is conflict of interest to whom? It would be so early to pronounce this. In case the situation remains the same or worse than a piece must be needed to pen on these factors also.

I would like to quote an example cited by the prominent cleric Sheikh Anwar. Sheikh said, Kargil is just like a boat and we all are on the boat. In personal antagonism if we all make whole in the boat we all will drown. So the only solution is to get unite and save the boat.

So along with the mediation team another role is for the youth to whom the future belongs to. They should urge both the organisations to integrate for greater benefit of the society rather than remain in group for benefit of few. Along with the organisations the youths should urge all those for integration who are creating hurdle in the way of mediation and integration. Some may thwart this resolution just because of personnel deceitful interest.

If the region really wants to condole Imam of the time, Mehdi (a.s.) on this coming Chehlum of Imam Hussain (a.s.) than everyone should play their own part to bring towards a resolution to the prolonged conflict in the region which is resulting in the backwardness of the region.

Anwar Ali Czarpa is a student of Peace and Conflict Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. He is also a pass out of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

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