Kargil: The regime of “four under M’s”


In the inconsistent up and down in the history of Kargil, this prevailing particular period will remember in coming days, as might be “the regime of four under M’s”. I don’t need to pen more detail about the four M’s. Because this is a term reverberating as a joke in the markets and public places. So the only clue is M stands for matriculation, which mean under matriculations at the most apex posts of the district.

With the emergence of this era many unwanted thinks seems to take direction towards Kargil. Firstly, the most recent unfavorable move was the transfer of popular Superintendent of Police (SP) and Deputy Commissioner (DC). Both these personalities were the most educated zealous and dedicated officer with a vision, for the same post in the history of Kargil. That was the reason that massive protest was held in Kargil against his transfer, while a huge crowd accompanied the former SP on his departure from Kargil in Kargil Bazar. The most jolting thing was the reason for his transfer. People believe that the SP is transferred because he doesn’t give escorts to the MLC and Chairman of legislative council in Drass at his first time arrival in Kargil.

With the change in SP the most suffering class is the youth, which had a hope with the previous SP. The “Kargil top 10” under which Mr. Mishra planned to provide financial assistance to 10 Kargili students for preparation of Civil Services also seems to be changed in a surreal. In addition he had embarked to guide the youth via conference and seminars but now everything seems to be static again like before his appointment.

Second disappointing news in the regime of four M’s is that the farthest village of Kargil, Pungbar has been suffered due to heavy rainfall. The village is a sum of almost 19 households among which 70% have suffered damages to their houses while all the residents have suffered loss to their property. But one of the under M declared that the loss is nil, as he visit the village days before, said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

Thirdly, the most smearing hypocrisy is that the MLC pronounced on his return that ‘no district officer will be transferred’ before the completion of their tenure. In addition he promised to bring back all the local officers serving outside the district. But unfortunately they have embarked a series of transfer. The DEO, ACP PWD and many others were transferred just like as they were in their hit list.

Fourthly, most of the departments in the district are without adequate man power; especially officer ranks. In block, the posts of PD, DPO are vacant while the ACD has been recently appointed. In maintenance and rural electrification department the post of Ex. Engineer is vacant since a long time. Similarly in information department the post of AD has not been appointed since years. On DIET the post of director and on Degree College the post of principle is vacant due to which the student community is suffering a lot.

Fifth, the vacancies which I have pointed out above and the other vacancies in different departments have not been filled. While people say that the interviews and entrances for the posts have been delayed and the posts are still vacant. Among the entire education sector is the most suffering portion.

Sixth, the whole Kargil has been facing a huge electricity load shedding since last few months. The Chutuk Power Project is not working properly as the two turbans are already stopped working just after one year of its inauguration while only the other two are on function. The transmission lines in villages are touching to trees which create panic among the people. It also creates threat in case of heavy wind and rainfall.

Seventh and the most important point is the release of district plan. The district plan is yet to be released while the working session is already embarked. Here I feel worthy to mention that the same members and their allies tried to thwart the release of annual plan last year in the government of their opposition party.

Eight and the last point is the hype in price of commodities in market. Vegetable in market are charged almost double rate than the prices in Kashmir. In the mean while the price of a tea cup in Kargil bazaar is charged with 8-9 rupees for 50 ML. The authorities are arguing that in Leh 12 rupee is being charged for a cup of tea but the actual point is that in Leh the 12 rupee is charging for 200 ML and the quality and hygiene is good than the Kargili tea.

In the conclusion, with regret, I feel it necessary to mention that the official website of the LAHDC Kargil is yet to update after three months of change in administration.


Points are indefinite in this regime of under matriculations. Above mentioned are the points which came to known while there might be more such unwanted things remained behind curtains. Still the district has more four years to be survived under the same regime of under matriculations. So there is lot to witness in the coming period.

Ladakh Express Team

2 thoughts on “Kargil: The regime of “four under M’s”

  1. anon June 29, 2015 / 7:41 am

    You mean Turbine?

  2. Tahir Hussain July 1, 2015 / 6:55 am

    The people of Kargil is always misled by its leaders and its so called dominant class of the society. Is it not a truth that The so called leaders of Kargil always tried to keep its people in darkness. They never want anybody to rise in status above them. It is clearly reflecting in the society of Kargil. In contrast to Kargil Leh has comparatively got good and sincere leadership. We have instances that their leaders tried to awaken and lift their people. Their leaders doesn’t fear and hesitate to guide their people. So, we find they started building their human capital much earlier than Kargil. In contrast to this leaders and high class society of Kargil always tried to keep its population in darkness, ignorance and in the state of illiteracy so that their dominance over its people remain always there and no could pose challenge to them. Well this is clearly visible in our society. We can count on finger tips people from Kargil during 80s who could have passed 10th and during mid 90s. After mid 90s people get aware by themselves as they saw people outside, they got exposure and began to realize the world out there. Whatever human capital formed in Kargil after mid 90s is due to some people of lower division of society who worked on ground level behind the scenes. Do we recognize those people, definitely not. And this is biggest of our fault. We only recognized those people who explorated us and kept us in dark and neglected those people who thinks for us and worked for us and suffered for us. Here, the masses of Kargil are at fault. That is why whatever human capital Kargil has got is not sincere about Kargil. Their mind is materialistic and only thinks about making money. Why is that so? Its because of lack of proper leadership and proper organizations. Do we have leaders with vision, gutts, diplomatic skill, proper idea, set aims and dynamic personality and so on good qualities. The answer is quite obvious, no. We are leaded by situations and people who manipulates those situations for their selfish ends.
    The society needs a reshuffle. There is a need to break the vicious circle. The society needs to recognize the importance of a proper organization and proper leadership. The society needs to recognize its shortcomings and solution for those shortcomings, the society needs a moral boost up above all. On the whole the society needs a drstic transformation form a wind driven ship to a man controlled ship.

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