Alternative solution to rape culture

By Anwar Ali Czarpa

Anger has been raged up among Indians in these days when the whole world is marking the International Women’s Day. The BBC controversial documentary “India’s daughter” has once again pushed the whole India to put on the thinking caps to look for a solution to the rape culture. In the mean while more rape cases have been reported from Ahmadabad where a six-years-old girl was allegedly sexually attacked with the perpetrator inserting an iron rod into her private parts. Similarly in Kathua Kashmir a ten-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped.

Womens Day 1

Let me discuss the controversy first!

Country’s mass has been discussing the statement of the alleged rapist of 16 Dec, his lawyer and many other who have the similar view, which kept women’s equally responsible for rape. The BBC documentary “India’s daughter” has its own limitations, while the statement of the rapist has its own limitations and similarly the lawyer have his own limitations. Am not defending them at all, but the thing I want to make is, “they don’t reflect the whole society”. Here one can’t make judgement from particular to general.

Secondly, the mass is looking a panacea for this infamous rape culture in India and Delhi in particular. Most people have the view that the mentality should be change. I think this change is not easy as it is to say, and it’s not the cause of rape.

If one look for a solution than he should know, why people do rape? Obviously when their desires prolonged! So, what thing prolongs their desires (Lust)?

Obviously, the porn videos? The hot scenes in movies? Nude advertisements?

Let me be a little harsh!

If this lust don’t let prolong, by these vulgarities, the entire problem will be solved. But unfortunately our Indian society accepts these film stars and porn stars, as celebrities.

Is there anyone who can ask them, why they promote these inhuman things? Is it necessary to telecast a bed time scene to show a marriage life or love? Is it necessary to show nude women to advertise a product? This society says that the women are using as a sex object, but they can’t see, women are using as a product to advertise other products? If these models don’t let their body to use for advertising cause, 90 % of the rape victims will be protected.

Anger raged up among the society when the rapist says that “women are equally responsible for rape cases”. If we keep us calm and think for a while, his statement is partially true. Obviously women can be saved, if women want.

Here I want to quote an example. Do you know the top ten countries in the world with highest rape crimes? They are as below:

  1. USA
  2. South Africa
  3. Sweden
  4. India
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Germany
  7. France
  8. Canada
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Ethiopia

Did you notice one thing? There is no any country from Middle East, in the top 10 countries with highest rape crimes, why? It has many key reasons:

First thing is Hijab they, which the world say “imposed” in their society. They don’t allow vulgarity in their movies, advertisements and public parks.

Second, the capital punishment also thwarts the people from thinking about such a major crime. Third, the culture of drinking alcohol is low in Middle East countries.

I know that, in this modern society, the statements I kept are looking as old arguments and spiritual one, or conservative or fundamentalist. But it’s true that the solution is here only. The so called feminism, secularism, liberalism and other ism’s are only a part of conspiracy theory to keep humanity busy in un-necessary things, or to cover the wicked deeds of the arrogant powers.

By Anwar Ali Czarpa, Assistant Editor, Medhaj News

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