ISK chides “Love Jihad” allegation, appeals to maintain communal harmony



The Islamia School of Kargil has taken strong step against the letter sent by Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) to Government of India accusing Muslim youth of waging “love jihad” and converting Buddhist girls to Islam.

Addressing to a rally on Sunday against target killing in Pakistan, ISK high official opposed the contents of the memorandum sent by LBA, calling it factually incorrect.

“Unfortunately the LBA has tried to rake up an old incident in Zanskar with the new government at the Centre when the issue has already died down on ground,” Murtaza Khalili said.

According to the ISK, the number of Buddhist families who converted to Islam is four while the memorandum sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh by LBA claims 24 “forced conversions”.

“The fact of the matter is that in 2012 a group of four Buddhist families, and not 24, in Zanskar left their community and joined the Muslim community of Padum area due to the inhuman treatment and social injustice meted out to them on the basis of their caste in their own community….,” it states.

“This issue was also brought into the notice of the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama when he visited Zanskar by such families in 2011. He in turn advised the people to abstain from traditional evils of caste system and to live together in peace with equality and dignity,” the ISK statement reads.

The ISK blamed members of Buddhist community of forcing these families to leave due to discrimination and join the small Muslim community of Padum in Zanskar in the following year (2012).

“This is a common and individual issue. Last year a Muslim girl of our own village (Suru) had gone with a Buddhist boy but we never made it a community issue.”

Newly elected MLA Syed Baqir told to Ladakh Express.

 “Everything remained normal on ground and no reaction was noticed anywhere in the region.”

The JUI (ISK) has conveyed to the LBA “to refrain from making individual issues sensational to avoid disharmony among communities living in Ladakh”.
“We believe in peace and harmony and hope all other communities will follow the same for the sake of the larger good,” the JUI statement quoted by Rising Kashmir.

 Murtaza Khalili also condemned the RSS newly launched policy of “Ghar Wapsi”.

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