A journey to Islam – Inspiring story

This sister had many misconceptions about Islam but at the same time she was asking a lot of questions regarding religion till she realized the “truth and Allah guided her”.

Watch, what she is say:


Anecdotes from the Life of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Qadhi Tabatabai (R.A.)

Marhum Qadhi was a scholar of the highest calibre in Najaf in the last century. He taught akhlaq, aqaaid and ‘irfan, and was also well versed in falsafah and fiqh. Many great scholars of the previous generation were his students. He had a special status and piety, which enabled him to perform many miraculous acts.

Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Qadhi Tabatabai (R.A.)

Ayatullah Nasiri Dawlat Abadi relates that his teacher, Marhum Ayatullah Shaykh Abbas Quchani narrated the following incident to him:

In Najaf al-Ashraf, we used to have special sittings with Marhum Qadhi. Usually the participants would inform each other about the gatherings and we all used to know one another. In one such gathering, I suddenly saw a young Sayyid enter the room. Marhum Qadhi interrupted his discussion with us and showed great respect to the young Sayyid who had just entered and then said to him, “Agha Sayyid Ruhullah! Do not hesitate to stand firm against the tyrant rulers and unjust governments. You must resist them, you must oppose their ignorance!”

This was a time when there was not even a whisper about any revolution in Iran. Marhum Quchani used to say, “We were all very surprised that day at this conversation, but after many years, when the Islamic revolution happened, we understood what Marhum Qadhi had been referring to on that day and why he had shown such great respect to Ayatullah Khumayni.”

Ayatullah Khumayni would often remember this great scholar. He once said, “When it came to (understanding) the deep and lofty meanings of tawhid, Qadhi was a mountain.”

Source: “Karamaat-e Ma’nawi” – “Spiritual Miracles” p9 &10. Translated AJ/071205.

“Our Youth are Ambassador of Islam”: Asgar Karbalai


AKSUD Annual Meet’15 – Photo: Karamjeet Singh

“You (youth) are the messenger and ambassador of Islam, and you have the responsibility to portray the true Islam against those who present a fake face of Islam over the globe.” Asgar Ali Karbalai, CEC Kargil said while addressing to the Kargili students in Delhi.

An “Annual Meet’15” was organised by AKSUD here in Delhi on Tuesday. The program was attended by many prominent personalities of Ladakh, Mr. Lama Lobzang, Mr Wahid Siddiqui, Asgar Ali Karbalai, Dr Abid Hussain, Sheikh Rajai and many others. More than 250 students from different parts of the state also attended the program.

On the occasion AKSUD launched its first annual magazine “Karvan-e-Umeed” in the presence of all the guests and editing team. The magazine covers articles on various issues like, Article 370, Kargili society, role of women, Palestinian issue etc.

AKSUD Annual Meet’15 – Photo: Karamjeet Singh

In his speech Mr Lama Lobzang urged Mr Asgar Karbalai to improve facilities in health sector in the region. Responding to the initiative Asgar Karbalai invited Mr Lobzang to bring the expert team of Doctors to Kargil this year which used to tour Leh district every year. Asgar Karbalai assured all type of support from Hill Council Kargil for the said move.

AKSUD Annual Meet’15 – Photo: Karamjeet Singh

Students and leaders discussed various issues of Kargil like, health, education, scholarship, hostel facility and many others.

AKSUD Annual Meet’15 – Photo: Karamjeet Singh

Students performed their talents in cultural programs, skits, mushaera (poetry) and various other activities.

AKSUD Annual Meet'15 - Photo: Karamjeet Singh
AKSUD Annual Meet’15 – Photo: Karamjeet Singh

President AKSUD, Syed Medhi Almosavi presented a memorandum to the CEC Kargil, depicting various key issues of the student community in general and Delhi students in particular.

11 Easy Tips to Forgive Yourself and Others

By Fatima Omar

When I was a little girl, my parents taught me to “forgive and forget”. For me, this was a very challenging to understand this concept because I never understood how I could actually forget the pain that was afflicted onto me. With that type of thinking, I spent most of my life having a difficult time forgiving people who hurt me.

Forgive Yourself and others

Forgiving people who harmed you can be very difficult; resentment invades your heart and spreads through your skin, your blood, and all of your emotions. However, at times it’s actually easier to forgive others and far more difficult to forgive yourself.

You must take responsibility for the energy that you bring into a space. When you are unhappy, you spread unhappiness to everyone around you. When you are bitter, you transmit bitterness, and when you are sad you transmit sadness. In this way, you are not only hurting yourself but everyone around you. If you believe you deserve to suffer than you’ll suffer. The key to ending this vicious cycle of pain, is to stop hurting yourself and others altogether.

Sometimes you feel so ashamed of your past, and you have feelings of guilt because you failed others or you failed yourself. Sometimes, the negative thoughts become so deep and over-powering that every time you look in the mirror, all you think about is the pain of your past.

“See they not that they are put in trial once or twice every year (with different kinds of calamities, disease, famine)? Yet, they turn not in repentance, nor do they learn a lesson (from it).” – Quran (Surah At-Taubah, Verse 126)

When you don’t forgive yourself, negative energy and feelings can devour your soul; pain, guilt and sorrow gain control over your life, you become despondent, absent and depressed, this mortification fills your spirit with disappointment and disgust.

Forgiveness is the only way to release the guilt and pain that you have held onto all your life. It’s important that you learn to forgive others, and to forgive yourself. Your life can be fantastic once you learn how to forgive.

Tips to help you let go

1. Identify what is bothering you

Ask yourself what is it that you did that was so bad that doesn’t allow you to feel good with yourself, think why you did it. When you do this you are confronting the problem. Ask Allah swt to forgive you. “…And beg Allah to forgive you all, O believers, that you may be successful.” – Quran (Surah An-Noor, Verse 31)

2. Admit your fault

Recognize what you did, accept it and let all your rage, your sorrow, your anguish, and even all the dark feelings flow freely. Release your pain by crying, journaling, and screaming in the shower. A good tip for when you journal is to write a minimum of 30 pages – especially if this trauma includes being a victim of abuse. Writing 30 pages will allow all the suppressed pain to rise up and be released in a healthy way. Do not be afraid of the tears, and if you get stuck, you are free to use all the profanity you desire. Remember to burn all these pages as soon as this exercise is complete.

3. Be gentle with yourself

You are only human. What makes you marvelous and amazing are precisely all of your imperfections. When you feel guilty for something you did in the past – know this: You did the best that you could have done, at that time, knowing what you knew. “Indeed Allah loves those who repent and purify themselves.” – Quran (Surah Al Baqarah, Verse 222)

4. Stop blaming yourself

Accepting your mistake is good and important but it’s time to stop now. You have carried this for enough time now; it’s time to put an end to it. A good affirmation to repeat is: “I am doing the best I can do to let go of the past”.

5. Go deep into your soul

Only from there you’ll be able to start healing this emotional wound that is impeding you to be happy and having a fulfilling life. Take time to get to know yourself. What are your likes and your dislikes. Take time to get quiet. Set aside specific time each day to contemplate on your life and what makes your soul sing.

6. Let go

The past is the past and there’s nothing you can do about it. Think about the present, this is the only thing that matters now, your present life, living happy today. Deepak Chopra said: “In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”

7. Decide to heal

Make the choice, reliving the pain over and over again will not make the wound heal, it will not make you feel any better. Make the decision or else the blaming and guilt will pull you into a profound abysm from which it’ll be hard to come out. “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” – Marianne Williamson

8. Love yourself and forgive yourself

You are a marvelous creature, with a mission and a purpose in life. Enjoy your company, look at yourself in the mirror and be delighted with what you see. You are amazing! Carve out time for self-care. Book a massage, go for reflexology, join a class, learn something new, start exercising, and meet some new people. Forgiving yourself is anti-aging. The more your forgive yourself, the happier you will be.

9. Be grateful

Every day when you wake up, be thankful for your life, for everything you have, for all that you’ve accomplished, for everything, for every smile, every tear, every mistake that has made you the person you are today. Everything you had to go through is an experience that helped you get to where you are now. Every day, in your journal, write down everything that you are grateful for. Appreciate your talents, beauty, and brilliance. Love yourimperfectly perfect self.

10. Talk yourself happy

Use affirmations to train your mind to become more positive. Put a wrist band on your right wrist. When you’re participating in self-abuse of any form, move the band to your left wrist. When you use powerful affirmations, you start to own your own potential. Love yourself enough to believe in the limitless opportunities available to you. Take action and create a beautiful life for yourself, which is an essential element in life success and good health. With this power you can turn failure around into success and take success and drive it to a whole new level. Your positive attitude is the fuel for your success.

11. Seek professional help

Self-rejection and neglect is painful. You deserve to be happy. You have a right to be accepted and loved. If necessary, seek help from a support group, counselor, or coach. It’s the best investment you can make.

Live a Fulfilling Life

“What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.”
–Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Blaming yourself for things that happened in the past is a waste of energy; you could be using this energy in other things. Forgive yourself and transform this into creativity, love, optimism and bliss. Leave the past behind and start living in the present; live a life with purpose and meaning. To realize that there is nothing that you can ever do to go back into the past and relive it, is a very powerful epiphany. Yesterday is gone forever. Tomorrow has not arrived. We have only today.

Smile, love, help others, smell the flowers, enjoy the sun, get wet and run in the rain, eat chocolate, visit the sick, pray, make friends, cook, hug, take a bubble bath, travel around the world, swim in the ocean, go shopping, sleep until late, read a book, learn something new every day.

Never give up in the promise of your Lord – 

“Verily, He is the One Who forgives (accepts repentance), the Most Merciful.” – Qur’an (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 37)

Today, I have a completely different definition of forgiveness. This is my opinion now. “I will never ever forget the pain that you caused me, because this is a lesson that I will learn. I no longer wish to be a prisoner of my past, so I let go of all the emotional charge related to this event.”This definition has freed me from the shackles of my pain. I don’t need to hold a grudge or hate someone for what they did to me. I can carry on with my life, and create a beautiful future for myself and the people in my circle.

You deserve to be happy; leave the past behind and enjoy your present. Life is meant to be fantastic; you can live your life the way you choose to do it, be delighted and enjoy your journey.

“Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me.” – Anonymous.

IKMT appeals for release of political prisoners in Bahrain


On the 4th anniversary of the peoples’ revolution in Bahrain, Imam Khomeini Memorial Trust Saturday organized a press conference at IKMT Hall.


During the press conference, Chairman Guardian Council Hojattul Islam Sheikh Mohammad Mohaqqiq, Vice Chairman religious affairs Maulana Abass Karrari , Vice Chairman Political affairs Haji Mohammad Baqir , Chief Organizer Haji Hassan Lal and from Zainabia Welfare society Hajia Banoo Nasiri and Archo Sakina took part in the press briefing.

While condemning the ongoing atrocities by Royal dictatorship in Bahrain, Shiekh Mohaqqiq Said, Today we are here to announce that we are with the resistance of the people’s movement in Bahrain and we appeal to release all political prisoner especially Alwifaq’s head sheikh Ali Salman who have been arrested by Al-Khalifa regime few months back.”

Maulana Abass Karari also condemns the arrest of eminent political and religious and political leader, Ayatuallah Shiekh Baqir Nimr by the Saudi regime and appealed to the world community particularly the human rights organizations to break the silence and speak against the ongoing oppression in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Talking about the Continuous Shia genocide and the recent attack in Peshawar Pakistan where 20 Shia Muslims have been killed. Haji Baqir condemns the attack and said, “until and unless Pakistani Shias and other minorities will not join hands and fight against Takfiri terrorists there is no such miracle going to happen.”

He further said that both US, Israel and Saudis are involve in such kinds of attacks in Pakistan and elsewhere against Shias. Hajia Banoo Nasir head of the Zainabia Women welfare society devoted attention on the recent rape and murder case in district Leh of Ladakh region. She condemned the incident and appealed IKMT, ISK, Leh Ulemas, district administrations and the people of the region to take a step forward and assure women safety.

Five Protestors Injured in Kashmir’s Baramulla

Baramulla, Kashmir

In Palhalan area of Baramulla district of Kahsmir at least five people were injured when Paramilitary troops and police used brute force against demonstrators, who were protesting against the recent killing of a youth by the troops.

Kupwara Hartal 4

The youth, Farooq Ahmed Butt, was killed after the troops opened unprovoked fire on peaceful protesters in Palhalan on February 9.

Despite restrictions imposed by the occupation authorities, people took to the streets in the area and staged forceful demonstrations demanding arrest of the killers of Farooq.

Police and troops fired pelts and teargas shells to disperse the protestors, leaving five of them injured. Locals said that the forces’ personnel fired several teargas shells into a local mosque.

Complete shutdown was observed in the area to register protest against the cold-blooded murder of the youth.

Senior congress leader backs separatists stand on Kashmir


Taj Kashmir 1

A senior Congress leader and former minister in Jammu and Kashmir , dropped a bombshell by saying the stand of separatists is right “as New Delhi has set different rules for the state and the rest of the country,also alleged that former Union home minister P Chidambaram, at the behest of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC), played “dirty politics” with him and “engineered” his defeat in the last year’s Assembly elections.

“Though Jammu and Kashmir is part of India, it (New Delhi) treats Kashmiris as aliens when it comes to their rights and descent. Any Kashmiri leader who raises voice is branded as anti-national and marginalised,” Taj said

He supported the stand of separatists on Kashmir. “In a way, the stand of separatists is vindicated that New Delhi has set different rules for Jammu and Kashmir and the rest of India. I was not only marginalised but victimised by the then Union home minster (P Chidambaram) and his ministry for asking NHPC to give J&K its due,” the former minister claimed.

He said the way he was treated within his party (Congress) after his initiative to trace the lost file on Salal power project is testimony that “The government of India was never serious in handing over the power projects back to the state.”

Taj claimed that he was shifted from PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control ministry in 2012 “to safeguard the interests of NHPC in state and Chidambarm was behind the move.”

“Then chief minister Omar Abdullah told me several times that I was removed on the directions of the home ministry and he had no option but to concede to the Congress’s demands,” he claimed.

Taj had, during his tenure as PHE minister, asked NHPC to handover Salal and Uri-I power projects to Jammu and Kashmir. The minister had been at loggerheads with the NHPC over the latter’s rights on using water resources in the state.

Poice charges cop over theft


Booked a cop over the charges of theft in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district

Theft Police 1

Police sources told press that a police Constable dentified as Gulshan Sajad Ganai of 12th IRP battalion was arrested earlier after locals recovered his cell phone and identity card from a place, where a burglary had taken place in Kanispora area of the district.

The cop was arrested after locals accused the police of shielding their man, involved in burglaries. Sources said a case under FIR number 25 under sections 380 and 454 has been registered against him. The cop has been lodged at the police station Baramulla.

According to the locals, the constable was also involved in other burglaries that occurred in the area.

Kanispora had seen rise in burglaries, giving sleepless nights to the residents. Residents of the area had appealed police to investigate the theft cases on priority and arrest the culprits.

Besides the cop, police booked another person Imran of Delina under same charges while three other persons were booked under section 109 Crpc. “One of the persons have been challaned in court,” the sources said.