Supreme Leader’s Speech on 25th Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (r.a.) (2014/06/04)

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on June 4, 2014 by Ayatollah Khamenai, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, on the occasion of the demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini (r.a.). The speech was delivered at Imam Khomeini’s shrine.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings upon our Master and Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his immaculate household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth.

“Our Lord, forgive us and those of our brethren who had precedence of us in faith, and do not allow any spite to remain in our hearts towards those who believe. Our Lord, surely You are Kind, Merciful” [The Holy Quran, 59: 10]. “Our Lord, surely You have given to Pharaoh and his chiefs finery and riches in this world’s life. To this end, our Lord, that they lead people astray from Your way. Our Lord, destroy t heir riches and harden their hearts so that they believe not until they see the painful punishment” [The Holy Quran, 10: 88].

Allah the Omniscient said in His book: “Have you not considered how Allah sets forth a parable of a good word being like a good tree, whose root is firm and whose branches are in heaven, yielding its fruit in every season by the permission of its Lord?” [The Holy Quran, 14: 24-25]

On this unforgettable and important day, I would like to divide my statements to you dear brothers and sisters into three parts. In the first part, I will speak about an important reality which exists about the Islamic Republic. Today, paying attention to this reality is very important. In the second part, I will provide a brief explanation of our magnanimous Imam’s (r.a.) permanent and eternal school of thought. Although we have said and heard many things about Imam’s (r.a.) school of thought, it is necessary to provide a brief explanation at this point in time. I w ill provide a short portrayal of all the things that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) created as a unique phenomenon in the contemporary world. The third part is about two important challenges which lie ahead of the people of Iran and the Islamic Republic. It is important for us to pay attention to these two challenges in order to move forward in the right way and on the right path.

As for the first part, the reality that I referred to is that 25 years have passed from the demise of our great Imam (r.a.), but people’s enthusiasm and excitement to hear and know about him has not diminished. And this is not particular to our country. Rather, this reality exists in the world of Islam and even beyond that.

Not only in our country – where the third generation of the Revolution is growing and blossoming – but also in the entire world of Islam, the youth of the age of communications and Internet are after gaining more information about the issues of the Revolution, about the Islamic Republic and about the architect of this great structure. And these youth can easily familiarize themselves with the issues which occur far away from their own environment. The phenomenon of religious democracy and the theory of Wilayat-e Faqih are issues which are significant and attractive for the intellectual environments of the world of Islam.

From the first days, our enemies began making a comprehensive effort and the more we moved forward, the more comprehensive this effort became. They used hundreds and thousands of television, radio stations and Internet sites to abuse the Islamic Republic, its great founder and its supporters. Of course, this issue has been helpful to us because it has aroused the curiosity of listeners and viewers throughout the world.

These listeners and viewers want to know the reason behind all these enmities, hostilities and mudslinging. They want to know the nature of the truth which has been the target of these enmities. So, our enemies mentioned our names and they spoke about our Imam (r.a.) and our system with the purpose of showing their enmity, but “…surely they will scheme, and I too will scheme” [The Holy Quran, 86: 15-16].

This is what Allah the Exalted says. They started this widespread movement with such an intention, but it eventually created an opportunity for us because the sense of curiosity of the listeners to these stations was aroused throughout the world. Islamic Awakening – in which anti-arrogant feelings were dominant more than any other phenomenon – in Islamic countries and our region is the sign of this curiosity and search for the truth and it continues to exist.

It is possible that western and American intelligence services report to their seniors that they have managed to suppress Islamic Awakening in our region. If they have such a notion, then this will be another strategic mistake and another wrong interpretation on the part of our enemies. Islamic Awakening might b e suppressed for a while in part of the world of Islam, but it will undoubtedly not be uprooted. On the contrary, it will develop.

This understanding, this perception and this awareness in all countries and among Muslim youth in the region is not something that can be destroyed easily. Of course, they will make certain efforts in order to destroy it and these efforts may seem to be successful in some areas in the short run, but in the end, they will prove to be fruitless.

The curiosity that exists in today’s young generation all over the world – particularly in the world of Islam – about the phenomenon of religious democracy is rooted in the fact that the Islamic Republic is a phenomenon from whose birth 35 years have passed. And during all these 35 years, it has faced the violent and hostile reactions of the dominant powers in the world. They showed military reactions, they showed propaganda reactions, they showed economic reactions – which began from the beginning of the Revolution and which have been reinforced on a daily basis – and they showed political reactions.

It is 35 years now that this powerful western camp has been doing whatever it could against the Islamic Republic. It has made military efforts, it has helped the aggressors who attacked our country, it has supported the enemies of the Islamic Republic in any area, it has used widespread propaganda and it has made perfect and unprecedented efforts in the area of sanctions and economic siege. But in the face of all these invasions and all these violent and unscrupulous hostilities, the Islamic Republic was not destroyed, it did not adopt a conservative outlook, it was not blackmailed by the west and it made progress on a daily basis. This is what forms the essence of this curiosity.

Despite the fact that the primary military, political and economic powers of the world joined hands against a country and a government and despite the fact that they made efforts for 3 5 years, not only was this government not destroyed, but it also became stronger on a daily basis. This government was not blackmailed by them and it did not pay any attention to them at all. The Islamic Republic showed its power and capability to survive in different arenas.

Today, when they look at the Islamic Republic, they see that the second and third generations of the Revolution in the country are comprised of several million students, several thousand knowledgeable clergy, several thousand researchers, several thousand university and seminary professors, thousands of scientific and intellectual personalities – some of whom are well-known on an international level – and thousands of activists and producers and thousands of political, cultural and economic personalities. This is the reality about our today’s society.

In the arena of science and technology, the Islamic Republic launches satellites into space despite all sanctions. It sends living creatures in to space and it brings them back. It produces nuclear energy. It is ranked among the first ten countries in the world in many new sciences. The centers in charge of releasing statistics have announced that the rate of scientific progress in the Islamic Republic is 13 times faster than the global average. It gives scientific and technological services to different countries. Despite unprecedented sanctions, it manages a 75-million-strong country. It has the final word on regional policies. It shows resistance against the usurping Zionist regime, which is supported by global bullies, and it does this on its own. It does not compromise with oppressors and it defends the oppressed.

Any well-informed individual becomes curious to know what this organism and phenomenon is and how it benefits from all these innate capabilities and this potential to survive despite all the enmities. This is the nature of this curiosity. This was about the issues related to scientific, technological and other such areas.

As for political and social issues, the higher aspect of this religious democracy is that we have had 32 elections during the 35 years from the beginning of our Revolution. Thirty two public elections have been held in this country. Is this a minor achievement? This is an exceptional phenomenon. Elections in the Islamic Republic are held with a high turnout – higher than the global average and in some cases, it is much higher. Our elections witness a turnout of 70, 72 percent. Our elections are like this. These elections are the manifestation of democracy.

Another exceptional example is the two phenomena which we people have gotten used to, but which are extraordinarily exciting and important for global inspectors and witnesses. These two phenomena are the 22nd of Bahman rallies and Quds Day Rallies in the month of Ramadan. During the past 35 years, the people have held the Revolution celebration each year with a great, exciting and glorious rally on the cold days of late Bahman. We have gotten used to this and we do not truly see the significance and greatness of this issue, but global witnesses see these things and they are very astonishing to them.

These are the factors behind the element which arouses people’s curiosity and which presents a new path to the minds of enthusiastic, inquisitive and research-oriented individuals. This is the important reality of our time which can be described as the general curiosity of youth, intellectuals, well-informed personalities and analysts throughout the world of Islam about the phenomenon which has emerged and grown on a daily basis in Islamic Iran. This is the first issue.

This reality has been built by the hands of our great architect. We have said many things about Imam (r.a.). Perhaps some people think that we have spoken about Imam in an exaggerated way. But this is not the case. What we have said about our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) is neither exaggeration nor magnification of the truth. Rather, it is the truth. Our magnanimous and dear Imam (r.a.) was more complex and meaningful than what we managed to say and reflect about him.

What is available to the people of Iran and what is in front of the eyes of people throughout the world has been built by those powerful hands. We should know about the architect’s plan in order to take the path in the right way. If developers and builders do not have access to a plan in order to build an ordinary building and if it is not clear what the main plan is, then they may make a mistake no matter how skilled they are. We should know the main plan so that we can use our expertise in building on the basis of this plan.

Imam’s (r.a.) plan was not one that could be designed by a human being. It was definitely God’s work. Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) himself knew and acknowledged this. He himself used to say, “What has occurred is a handicraft of divine power”. He had understood this correctly and his insightful and vigilant eyes had seen this correctly.

We should be careful. We should know the plan so that we can continue the path. If we do not know the plan, we will deviate from the right path. And when we deviate, we will drift away from the main and the straight path on a daily basis. When we drift away from the straight path, we will drift away from goals and we will fail to reach them.

In order to reach the goals, we should take care not to lose the path and in order to avoid losing the path, we should have the main plan in front of our eyes. We should know and identify this plan. Imam’s (r.a.) plan and main task was to create a civil-political system on the basis of Islamic reason. The prerequisite for carrying out this task was to uproot the monarchic regime which was corrupt, dependent and dictatorial.

The monarchic regime had these three characteristics: it was corrupt – different moral, financial and other such corruptions. It was dependent on powers. One day, it was dependent on England and another day, it was dependent on America. It was prepared to abandon its own interests and the interests of the people for the sake of the interests of foreigners. And it was dictatorial and oppressive. For the monarchic regime, the people’s votes and requests counted for nothing. Each of these characteristics forms a long chapter. Each of them forms a long book.

The prerequisite for the great task that Imam (r.a.) wanted to carry out was to uproot this corrupt, dependent and dictatorial regime. He focused his efforts on doing this and consequently, the regime was uprooted. In our country, the issue was not replacing a monarchic regime with another monarchic or semi-monarchic regime. The issue was uprooting the characteristics that the monarchic regime had and this was done by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). Imam’s (r.a.) statements, guidelines and behavior were oriented towards this goal.

There are two fundamental points in building this civil-political system and these two points are interconnected. In one sense, these two points are two sides of the coin of truth. One is entrusting the affairs of the country to the people through democracy and elections and another is launching this movement – which originated from Islam – and any movement which originates from democracy and entrusting tasks to people, within the framework of Islamic sharia. These are two parts. In other words, these are two sides of the same truth.

Some people should not think that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) derived elections from the western culture and then mixed it with Islamic thoughts and Islamic sharia. This was not the case. If elections, democracy and reliance on the votes of people had not been part of religion and Islamic sharia, then Imam (r.a.) would have told us. If this had been the case, he would have announced it in an outspoken and decisive way. Democracy is part of religion. Therefore, Islamic sharia is the framework.

When passing and implementing laws, when assigning individuals different tasks and discharging them from their service and during all tasks that follow this political-civil system, Islamic sharia should be observed. All tasks in this system revolve around democracy. All the people elect the members of the Majlis and the president, they elect ministers indirectly, they elect the members of the Assembly of Experts and they elect the Leader indirectly. All tasks are in the hands of the people. This was the main base of our magnanimous Imam’s (r.a.) movement. The great structure that this great personality built was founded on these two bases.

Commitment to Islamic sharia is the soul and truth of the Islamic government. Everyone should pay attention to this issue. If Islamic sharia is completely observed in society, this will ensure both civil and individual freedom – the freedom of individuals – and collective freedom which is called independence. Independence means freedom of a people. It means that a people are not dependent on anyone and any place.

“A free people” means a people who are not under the influence and domination of their opponents, their enemies and foreigners in any way. If Islamic sharia is observed, it will ensure both justice and spirituality in society. These are the four main elements: freedom, independence, justice and spirituality. If Islamic sharia dominates society, these main phenomena in the order of Islamic society will show themselves. Therefore, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) stressed the necessity of Islamic sharia which is the soul of the Islamic Republic. He also stressed the necessity of religious democracy which is a means and a tool and which is derived from sharia.

According to Imam’s (r.a.) school of thought, any power and force which has come into being through deception and oppression is unacceptable. In the Islamic government, oppression and subjugation are meaningless. Power and authority are meaningful, but only the one that originates from people’s free will and choice. The kind of power which originates from bullying, subjugation and weapons is meaningless from the viewpoint of Islam, Islamic sharia and Imam’s (r.a.) school of thought.

The kind of power which emerges on the basis of people’s choice is respectable. No one should confront this power. No one should try to suppress and subjugate this power. If they do so, this is called fitna. This is the new prescription that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) introduced to the world. He added this important chapter to the political literature of the world. As we pointed out, one of the main elements in this new version is rushing to help the oppressed and confronting the oppressor. We should help the oppressed and in the present time, the concrete manifestation of being oppressed is the people of Palestine.

As you witnessed, from the first day until the end of his life, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) stressed the issue of Palestine. He supported the issue of Palestine and stated in his testament that the people of Iran and the officials of the country should not forget about this issue. Helping the oppressed, showing resistance against the oppressor, condemning his transgressions, rejecting his power and grandeur in an outspoken way and shattering this grandeur are among the parts of this system and this new version presented by our magnanimous Imam (r.a.).

This is a short summary, portrayal and description of the political order and the foundation that our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) introduced to society after overthrowing the monarchic regime in the country. This matter was completely accepted by the people and it was put into practice. Unlike many political slogans, this matter was not confined to books. Rather, it was realized, put into practice and reflected in reality. And the people of Iran showed their determination, loyalty and self-sacrifice by preserving this matter and strengthening it on a daily basis until today.

So, Imam (r.a.) succeeded. He achieved complete success in what he wanted to do. Will this great task continue? Will the empty boxes of this table – naturally, there are some empty boxes in social and historical tables – be filled in? This depends on how determined and aware you and I are and to what extent we observe and move in the direction of that clear line. It is completely possible to do this.

Considering the people that we see, considering the experience that they have gained and considering the successful and continuous movement that they have launched in the past 35 years – and in the past 25 years since Imam’s (r.a.) demise – it is possible to continue this path. The empty boxes will be filled in, great feats will be accomplished and by Allah’s favor and grace, our people will reach the peaks.

Like all the important paths which have been delineated for reaching great goal s, this path involves certain challenges and obstacles. We should identify these obstacles so that we can pass through them. If we do not identify obstacles, overcoming them will be either difficult or impossible. I am saying these things to you honorable participants of this great and magnificent meeting and, in fact, to the people of Iran who will hear these statements. But it is our youth, our scholars and our intellectuals who should think about, work on and study each of these chapters and parts.

They should work on not only semi-intellectual and theoretical discussions but also on practical and functional discussions which reflect the truth. What we are saying is some chapters for carrying out intellectual tasks. By Allah’s favor, these chapters will be followed up by our youth who are much better and prepared than we are.

I would like to refer to two challenges: one is an external challenge and another is an internal challenge. Our external challenge is the interferences of global arrogance. I would like to speak without any consideration. The external challenge is the interferences of America. They engage in mudslinging.

Although some of their thinkers say in their analyses that it is useless or impossible to confront this great movement, they engage in mudslinging.

We should know their plan. This is America’s plan which has been revealed through their discussions, reports, statements and behavior: America divides all countries, orientations and people throughout the world into three groups: the first group is made up of the submissive including submissive countries, submissive political and social orientations and submissive individuals. The first group is comprised of these people. The second group is comprised of countries which are not submissive and which should be tolerated. From the viewpoint of America, a number of countries, personalities and orientations should be tolerated. They believe that they should define common interests with these countries and that they should get along with them somehow. Later on, I will explain this more. The third group is made up of disobedient countries, those which do not give in to America and which refuse to be blackmailed by it. The third group is comprised of these countries.

From the viewpoint of the Americans, no country, no political, social, civil and economic orientation and no individual in the world is out of these three groups. Everyone is either submissive and docile or independent – and you should get along with them – or disobedient, bold and courageous. One should behave in a different way towards the third group.

America’s policy towards the first group is complete support. Of course, they do not provide this support for free. They support them, but they also milk them. In fact, they use their capabilities and resources to the advantage of their own interests and for safeguarding their own interests. The Americans ride roughshod over these people and they make them render all kinds of services to them. As I said, they milk them and they do not care at all.

Of course, if these people and countries behave in a way that is considered to be indecent according to global conventions, the Americans do not condemn it. On the contrary, they defend and justify it. For example, there are some dictatorial countries which are managed by biased, reactionary and completely dictatorial regimes, but they have friendly relations with the Americans. These countries give in to the Americans and they are prepared to serve and obey them. They are members of the first group.

When the Americans want to describe them, they do not refer to them as dictatorial countries. Rather, they say that they are patriarchal countries and thus they cover up their dictatorship. They say, “They are not dictators. Rather, they are patriarchal countries”. What is the meaning of patriarchal in political systems? What do es it mean? Is a patriarchal country a country in which there is no parliament, no elections, no power to speak freely, no freedom of speech and no freedom of expression? Is a patriarchal country a country in which the slightest disobedience to the wishes of the rulers is suppressed in a very serious and severe way?

In one part of his life, Saddam Hussein was one of these obedient and submissive individuals. In that stage of his life, they gave him all kinds of support and they rendered some services to him. They gave him chemical weapons and they provided him with the plans of our military movement which had been discovered via satellite. They gave him military plans because he was at their service and because he was against the disobedient Islamic Republic which was a member of the third group. So, these people represent the first group.

As I said, the second group is made up of the countries which America gets along with. The policy and plan of America is to get along with these countries. What does getting along mean? It means defining common interests and establishing friendly relations with someone. But when America has the opportunity, it will stab them in the back and tear their hearts open and it will not show any consideration for them.

Which countries represent the second group? European countries represent the second group. Today, European countries are in such conditions. America gets along with them, but this does not mean that it defends their interests. This is not the case. It will kick them as much as it can. For example, it spies – Internet espionage – on the number one in its allied country. It also spies on him by tapping his cell phone. The Americans even keep watch on his personal life and they have no scruples whatsoever. When it comes out, they say, “Sorry, it happened because we had no choice”.

They are not even willing to apologize in a sincere way. My understanding of political issues tells me that the Europeans are making a great strategic mistake by serving America. They promote the interests of America, but America does not and will not do so and it will be the same until the end. This was about the second group.

The third group is made up of countries which do not give in to America. America’s policy towards this group is to use each and every tool they find against these disobedient countries. They use any tool they find and they do not have any limits for that. If you see that there is a country which is disobedient to America and that America does not attack or impose sanctions on it, then you should know that there is a problem – that is to say, there is an obstacle in their way. To put it simply, they cannot do it. If they can, they will definitely do it.

The only crime that this disobedient country has committed is that it is not willing to give in to America, to be blackmailed by it and to let the interests of America have priority over its own interests. This is the definition of a disobedient country. In order to bring this country to its knees, the Americans do everything that they can. They do whatever is possible for them. If they do not do something, it is because they cannot.

Well, what are the things that the Americans do? Today, launching a military attack is not a priority from the viewpoint of the Americans. They have understood that they suffered a loss on the issue of Iraq and Afghanistan where they launched military attacks. They have understood that launching a military attack is as dangerous for the aggressor as it is for the defender and sometimes, it is even more dangerous for the aggressor. They have understood this correctly. Therefore, it can be said that they have changed their mind about launching a military attack.

They have other ways ahead of them. One of these ways is entrusting the task of furthering their goals in the target country – which is the target of their attacks – to the elements inside this country. The issue is not only about Islamic Iran and the Islamic Republic. They are doing these things all over the world and we are witnessing some instances of their effort in the present time.

Another way is launching a coup d’état. They empower some people inside the target country so that they can launch a coup d’état and overthrow those governments and political systems which do not give in to them. One of the ways that they use is this.

Another way is drawing part of the people to the streets. An example is the color revolutions which were carried out in each and every part of the region in recent years. Take the case of a government which comes to power in a country. After all, if the government that comes to power holds 60 percent of the votes, it means that 40 percent of the people did not vote for it. The Americans go to that 40 percent, choose certain elements and leaders among them and make them – either by bribing or by threatening them – draw that 40 percent or part of it to the streets. America’s hands were behind the color revolutions – for example, such and such an orange revolution and other revolutions in different countries – that were carried out in recent years.

We do not make any judgment about the events which are taking place in an area in Europe. But when one takes a look, one sees what a role an American senator and official can play – by showing his presence – in the demonstrations of a minority against a country. They showed their presence in such areas. One of the measures that they adopt is that they draw part of the people to the streets and make them break the law, thereby overthrowing the government which they do not approve of and which is not blackmailed.

Another measure that they adopt is empowering and forming terrorist groups. They did this in Iraq, Afghanistan and some Arab countries in the region. They did it in our country as well. They form terrori st groups in order to kill well-known personalities. In our country, they struck and martyred scientists and experts on atomic energy. Before that too, they struck political, cultural, scientific and seminary personalities. These terrorists grew with the help of the Americans. Some of them were accepted into America by the Americans for the services that they rendered.

Today, munafeqeen are in America’s arms. They take part in different meetings and commissions of the U.S. Congress. The same munafeqeen who killed people from different social backgrounds – including great personalities, ulama, scientists and political personalities – and who carried out explosions are with the Americans today. So, this is another way they use.

Another way is creating discord among decision-makers of countries. One of the measures that they adopt is this: they try to create a rift in the highest levels of the government and system that is not with them. They try to establish a dual government. Of course, they do not succeed in many countries. But unfortunately, they succeed in some areas. This is one of their ways.

Another way is that they discourage – with their propaganda – the hearts and minds of people from following their ideological and religious principles. They try such measures. The regime of the United States of America has done all these things to our dear and Islamic Iran and by Allah’s favor, it has failed in all of them.

Launching military coups d’état, supporting those who instigate fitna, drawing some people to the streets, confronting elections and creating rifts were some of the measures that they either adopted or tried to adopt and thankfully, they failed in all of them. Why did they fail? It was because the people were vigilant and religious. It is here that I want to speak about the second challenge which is the internal challenge.

Dear brothers and sisters, the internal challenge for our people is the r isk of ignoring, forgetting about and losing the spirit and orientation of our magnanimous Imam (r.a). This is the greatest danger. The internal challenge is making a mistake in knowing our enemies and our friends and confusing the camp of our enemies and friends so much so that we do not know who our enemies and friends are.

Another mistake is failing to know our major and minor enemies. This is another danger. You dear brothers and sisters and all the people of Iran should pay attention that sometimes, someone shows enmity towards you. But if you pay careful attention, you will see that his enmity is not the main one. It is a function of another factor and another person. You should find the main enemy. Otherwise, if one confronts the lesser enemy, one’s energy is sapped and the result will not be good.

Today, some people in different parts of the world of Islam – which go by the name of takfiri, Wahhabi and Salafi groups – are adopting bad and inappropriate measures against Iran, Shia Muslims and Shia Islam. But everyone should know that they are not the main enemies. They show enmity and they adopt foolish measures, but the main enemy is the person who provokes them, who gives them money and who motivates them with different means when their motivation is weakened to some extent.

The main enemy is the person who sows the seeds of rupture and discord between that foolish and ignorant group and the oppressed people of Iran. These measures are adopted by the hidden hands of intelligence and security services. That is why we have constantly said that we do not consider these foolish groups – who confront the Islamic Republic in the name of Salafism, takfiri and Islam – to be our main enemy.

We consider you to be the deceived. We have said to these people: “If you stretch your hand against me to slay me, it is not for me to stretch my hand against you to slay you: for I fear Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds” [The Holy Quran, 5: 28]. If you make a mistake and if you prepare yourself to kill your Muslim brothers, we do not consider you to be so important that we try to kill you.

Of course, we defend ourselves. Anyone who attacks us will face our firm fist. This is natural, but we believe that these people are not our main enemies. They have been deceived. The main enemy is the person who acts behind the scenes. The main enemy is the visible hand that comes out of the sleeve of intelligence services, that confronts Muslims and that pits them against one another.

This is our internal challenge: becoming busy with domestic differences – those which are trivial and unimportant. Such differences make us busy, pit us against one another, create tension and make us forget about the main issues and guidelines. This is one of the manifestations of the main challenge which was referred to. Losing national solidarity is one of our challenges. Suffering from laziness, lack of confidence, idleness, desperation and hopelessness and thinking that we cannot succeed and that we have not succeeded until today are among the internal challenges we should confront.

As Imam (r.a.) said, we can. We should show determination. National determination and jihadi management can untie all the knots. As we said, our dear youth, our outstanding personalities and our scholars should sit and study these issues. These are our main points. The auspicious name of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.), the remembrance of that great man and the plan of that great architect can help us in all these chapters. It can give us hope, enthusiasm and morale, as it has done this until today and by Allah’s favor, it will continue to do this in the future.

Dear God, bestow your blessings on our dear people. Dear God, help our dear youth on the path of building an ideal Islamic structure. Dear God, protect us from deviations and digressions. Dear God, make the hands of the people of Iran stronger than the hands of their enemies. Help them achieve victory over their enemies. Make the holy heart of the Imam of the Age (may our souls be sacrificed for his sake) kind to us. Help us benefit from the prayers of that great Imam (a.s.). Associate the pure souls of Imam (r.a.) and our dear martyrs with the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.).

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



Supreme Leader’s Speech in Meeting with Participants of 31st International Quran Competitions (2014/06/03)

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on June 3, 2014 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with participants of the 31st International Quran Competitions. The meeting was held on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of Imam Sajjad (a.s.) in Imam Khomeini (r) Hussainiyah.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon His messenger and upon his immaculate household.

I would like to welcome all the dear participants, the dear brothers and sisters – particularly the guests of the Islamic Republic – the honorable ulama and qurra and the esteemed hafiz of the Holy Quran who have come from Islamic countries. I would also like to thank those people who have organized this magnificent, meaningful and blessed ceremony – whether the managers and officials in charge of charitable work or those brothers, ulama and great personalities who held the Quran competitions in the best way possible during the past few days – and I hope that all of you will benefit from the blessings of the Holy Quran.

Words fail to describe our appreciation of the blessing of people’s interest in the Holy Quran. Whenever I listen to the news or see on TV that our youth throughout the country are interested in the Holy Quran, I begin to thank Allah the Exalted from the bottom of my heart. This is a great blessing. I understand this blessing and its greatness.

At some point in time, we witnessed that memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran was not common in our country. When we take a look today, we see that our youth, our men, our women and our teenagers show interest in the Holy Quran thanks to the Islamic Republic. They learn Quranic teachings, they try to read the Holy Quran and they memorize it.

Of course, these are not primary and ultimate goa ls. The ultimate goal is understanding and acting on the Holy Quran. However, these initial steps are necessary. If the Holy Quran becomes common in society, if it is promoted, if memorizing the Holy Quran becomes common and if people from different social backgrounds establish a close relationship with the Holy Quran, then society will get close to acting on the Holy Quran. This is what we want.

The Holy Quran is enlightenment, guidance, eloquence and clarity. The Holy Quran speaks to us. It speaks to our hearts and our souls. We should establish a close relationship with the Holy Quran. It is one’s prepared heart that gains the first benefit from the Holy Quran. If you see that your hearts are close to the Holy Quran, you should thank God. If you see that you easily accept and believe in Quranic teachings, then you should know that Allah the Exalted has decided to guide you: “Those whom Allah in His plan wills to guide, He opens their breast to Islam. Those whom He wills to leave straying, He makes their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies. Thus does Allah heap the penalty on those who refuse to believe” [The Holy Quran, 6: 125].

This is the characteristic of the Holy Quran. If your hearts get close to the Holy Quran and if you establish a close relationship with the Holy Quran, you should know that Allah the Exalted has willed to guide you and this is the greatest divine blessing.

My dear ones, today the world of Islam is faced with great problems. You know, you have heard and you are aware that the greatest problem of the world of Islam is its ignorance about the plots and the malevolent hands of its enemies. This is one of the greatest or the greatest problem of the world of Islam. Those who dislike Islam, those who bolt when they hear the name of Islam and those who are prepared to confront and fight against every truthful invitation – and Islam is a truthful invitation which invites to truth and jus tice – are not idle in the world of Islam. They have not been idle particularly since the emergence of the Islamic Republic.

After the formation of a system on the basis of Islam in this sensitive geographical area in the world, their plots increased in number and became more complicated. Today, their plots are more complicated than they were in the past. Everyone in the world of Islam should understand this. They make us kill one another and they pit brothers against one another. The policy of the enemies of Islam is to promote fratricide and wage domestic wars by their agents. Their policy is to sit aside and watch us kill one another. Well, this is the reason why we should know the enemy and understand his plots. This is the shortcoming of the world of Islam.

There are some people among the Islamic Ummah who join hands with the enemies of Islam in order to confront their Muslim brothers. Today, we have such people. They approach shaitan in order to oppose, fight aga inst and confront their Muslim brothers. Today, there are some people who are prepared to cooperate with the Zionist regime in order to destroy their Muslim brothers: “They took the shaitans for guardians beside Allah, and they think that they are followers of the right” [The Holy Quran, 7: 30].

They befriend and join hands with the shaitan and they vainly think that they are stepping on the path of guidance. These are Quranic standards. These are clear standards that the Holy Quran has offered to us. We should understand these standards. When can we understand them? We can understand them when we establish a close relationship with the Holy Quran and when we open our hearts to it. The whole of this ceremony is an introduction to this.

I advise you dear youth to get closer to the Holy Quran. Those who have established a close relationship with the Holy Quran should appreciate the value of this relationship. Those who have memorized the Holy Quran should appreciate th e value of this memorization. They should preserve this precious jewel for themselves. Those who constantly recite the Holy Quran should take care not to lose and let go of this blessed rope. Those people who are close to the Holy Quran should consider their goal to be thinking deeply about Quranic meanings and concepts.

These are things which help us get close to the Holy Quran step by step. If we become attached and get close to the Holy Quran and if Quranic concepts influence our hearts, then we can hope that the Islamic Ummah will achieve the dignity which has been promised by Allah the Exalted: “Honor belongs to Allah and His Messenger and to the believers” [The Holy Quran, 63: 8]. If we do this, God will offer this dignity to the Islamic Ummah. If we get close to the Holy Quran, these are its fruits and blessings.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all the officials in charge of this ceremony. I thank the ulama, the participants of these competiti ons, the dear youth, the managers in charge of this beautiful and magnificent ceremony and the people who welcomed it. I hope that Allah the Exalted will protect and preserve all of you. I would also like to thank the honorable and eloquent host who beautifully managed the meeting both in this place and in the place where the ceremony was held.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings


Supreme Leader Meets with Emir of Kuwait (2014/06/02)

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Monday morning with Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, and his accompanying delegation. President Rouhani was also present in the meeting. Speaking at the meeting, the Supreme Leader described the Persian Gulf and its security as very important, reiterating: “The security of this area depends on healthy and good relations among regional countries.”


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “Friendship and healthy relations among regional countries is beneficial for the entire region. But if this principle is not observed, then the differences among regional countries will be a source of happiness for common enemies.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the increasing brazenness of the Zionist regime is because of a lack of healthy relations among regional countries, adding: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always received regional countries with open arms.”

His Eminence stressed that strengthening relations between Kuwait and Iraq is to the advantage of the region, saying: “On the issue of the developments in Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran will accept whatever decision the people of Syria make.”

Referring to the danger that takfiri groups have caused, he stated: “Unfortunately, a number of regional countries are not aware of the danger that takfiri groups will cause for them in the future and they are still supporting these groups.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added: “In the present time, a number of regional countries are supporting the crimes of takfiri groups in Syria with their assistance. But in the not too distant future, these groups will be the ruin of the countries which are supporting them and in the end, they will have to destroy them by paying a high price.”

Elsewhere in his statements, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the economic and financial relations between Iran and Kuwait and reiterated: “The ground is prepared to develop the economic relations between the two countries. A new page in the economic relations of Iran and Kuwait should be opened.”

Sheikh Sabah described the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as a mentor and guide for the entire region, stressing: “Kuwait is completely prepared to open a new page in the relations between the two countries. In the Tehran negotiations, we reached an agreement to increase the level of economic and financial relations.”

Highlighting the necessity of strengthening unity and solidarity among regional countries and confronting extremism, the Emir of Kuwait described the relations between Kuwait and Iraq as very good and he referred to Iraqi officials as the friends of Kuwait. He expressed hope that the issues and problems of Syria will be solved by peaceful means and according to the wishes and requests of the people of Syria.


Supreme Leader Meets with Government Officials and Ambassadors of Islamic Countries (2014/05/27)

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Tuesday morning with government officials, people from different social backgrounds, participants of the 31st Quran competitions and the ambassadors of Islamic countries in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Speaking at the meeting, which was held on the occasion of Mab’ath, His Eminence described turning to wisdom and insight, knowing the camp of the enemies of the Islamic Ummah, strengthening unity and avoiding religious and denominational discord as the most important needs of the world of Islam, further reiterating: “Today, the flag of Islam has been hoisted, the feeling of Islamic identity has been strengthened among Muslims throughout the world and the people of Iran are making progress, overcoming problems and conquering all trenches on the path of fighting against oppression, ignorance and injustice with trust in the divine promise of victory.”

Referri ng to some wrong and superficial interpretations of Islam and the Holy Quran, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “Failure to adopt the right outlook and lack of a deep understanding about Islamic and Quranic teachings and concepts has caused some people to oppress and massacre Muslims in the name of Islam. In African countries, these people even abduct innocent girls in the name of Islam.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described religious and denominational discord as another instance of ignoring wisdom and insight, saying: “Today, the enemies have turned to overt confrontation with Islam and their most important tool is creating religious discord and provoking Shia and Sunni to wage a war against each another. If the power of wisdom and reason is utilized, we can see the enemy’s hands and his motives and we can avoid furthering the goals of the ill-wishers of Islam.”

His Eminence stated that unity and forming a united Ummah is another fundamental need of the wor ld of Islam. He stressed that the main goals of the enemies are to create discord among Muslims, to promote Shiaphobia and Iranophobia, to cover up their own problems and to protect the usurping Zionist regime, further adding: “Muslim peoples – particularly outstanding personalities in the Islamic Ummah – are expected to gain a correct understanding these truths and of the camp of the enemies of the Islamic Ummah with wisdom and acumen.”

He reiterated that western political organizations promote the same ignorance that the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) tried to eliminate. His Eminence added: “Injustice, discrimination, violation of human dignity, promotion of sexual issues and female decadence are all the manifestations of the corrupt western civilization. This is, in fact, a return to the same ignorance but with modern methods and tools.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the efforts of some people to suppress Islamic Awakening, stating: “Although this suppression seemingly achieved some results, but the truth is that Islamic Awakening is not suppressible.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described trust in divine promises as the key to the achievements of the Islamic Republic in different eras and during different economic, political, social and international activities, saying: “This is the path of the people of Iran in the present time and it will be their path in the future.”

Hojjatolislam wal-Muslemin Hassan Rouhani stated that be’that is a great historical renaissance and a blessing for utilizing reason on the basis of divine revelation. He added: “The Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) attracted hearts with his kindness and good behavior and he brought knowledge, freedom and spirituality to humanity.”

The president described discord, injustice, violence and extremism as the greatest problems that the camp of blasphemy has imposed on the world of Islam, stressing: “Today, the Islamic Revolution is the manifestation of unit y, cooperation and uniting the Islamic Ummah against the camp of kufr.”


Supreme Leader Meets with Members of Majlis (2014/05/25)

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Sunday morning with the speaker and members of the Majlis. Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence stated that the only way to show resistance against the anti-human camp of arrogance is to continue fighting this camp. He called on the Majlis and the administration to pay serious attention to the sixth fifth-year plan and the scientific movement of the country, further stressing: “The solution to the economic and political problems of the country cannot be sought outside the borders of the country. Rather, the real cure exists inside the country. This cure is reliance on domestic capacities and capabilities.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that it is not possible to reach the lofty goals of the Islamic Republic without fighting the camp of arrogance, adding: “The reason why we stress that we should continue fighting is not an alleged warmongering nature of the Islamic government. Rather, reason dictates that one should equip oneself in order to pass through an area which is packed with pirates. Reason dictates that one should have the motivation and the capability to defend oneself.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed: “Today’s world is full of plundering thieves who steal humanity’s dignity, honor and morality. By equipping themselves with knowledge and wealth and by behaving in a seemingly human way, they easily commit crimes, they betray human ideals and they wage wars in different parts of the world.”

His Eminence reiterated: “In such circumstance, there is no way other than fighting and promoting the spirit of fighting on all issues of the country – including domestic and international issues.”

Referring to the efforts of some people to establish the idea of compromise and surrender, he added: “Those people who want to promote the idea of compromise and surrender and who accuse the Islamic government of warmongering are, in fact, committing an act of treason.”

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed: “All the officials of the country in different sectors – including economic, scientific, cultural, political and legislative sectors and sectors related to international negotiations – should know that they are fighting and that they are on the path of the continuous fight for the creation and survival of the Islamic government.”

Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned: “This fight will end when the human community can liberate itself from the malevolence of the camp of arrogance. This camp is headed by America which has dug its claws in humanity’s body, mind and thought. This task requires a difficult and long fight and lofty steps.”

His Eminence described the economy of resistance and self-sufficiency as the only way to solve the problems of the country, saying: “I show sincere and true support for all those people who make innovative moves in different sectors. But I believe that the cure for the problems of the country exists inside the country.”

Pointing to the verbal support that the economy of resistance has received in recent months, he said: “In order to implement the policies on the economy of resistance, it is not enough to give verbal praise. Rather, we should take action.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that passing appropriate laws for the economy of resistance and repealing opposing laws is one of the main responsibilities of the Majlis: “On the issue of passing laws for the economy of resistance, the Majlis cannot only rely on its own proposals. The administration should submit appropriate bills to the Majlis as well.

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the sixth fifth-year plan and added: “In this plan, the economy of resistance, culture and knowledge should be the three main priorities.”

His Eminence said: “What I mean by culture is the revolutionary and religious culture and launching a cultural movement on the basis of Islam and Islamic values. We should strengthen culture and Islamic beliefs and behavior. We should not think that culture has made progress just because of the emergence and development of a cultural tool. Culture makes progress in society only when religious and revolutionary culture is established.”

Elsewhere in his statements, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution described combating corruption as one of the main supervisory responsibilities of the Majlis, stressing: “On the issue of combating corruption, we should not allow – from the beginning – corrupt centers to be formed because if this happens, confrontation will be either impossible or very difficult.”

Referring to the general policies on population, Ayatollah Khamenei welcomed the proposal of the Majlis for increasing fertility and preventing the population of the country from decreasing, further saying: “On the issue of population, we should take care not to make the mistakes which were made in recent years because the best situation for the enemy is a sparsely populated Iran with the elderly forming the majority of the population.”

Dr. Larijani, the Speaker of the Majlis, stressed: “The Majlis has adopted a decisive and powerful position on issues like the issue of Palestine and Syria and the nuclear issue.”

He added that the general orientation of the Majlis is to strengthen the business environment, to follow-up the policies on the economy of resistance and to strengthen the supervisory sector of the Majlis with the help of the commissions in charge of such affairs.